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Which Weighted Vest?

I know the X-Vest has been reviewed here before but has anyone ever tried the V-Max vest? I am going to buy one or the other and would like to make an informed decision.

Thanks for your help.

I am also interested in purchasing a weighted vest. Can someone please shed a little light on subject.

My wife got me the V-Max 50 lb. for my birthday a few years ago. Awesome. I got the 25 lb. add on and the cool packs later. I trained with it every day. Did all kinds of funky crazy workouts with it. If my wife didn’t get it for me as a gift I would have bought it anyway and thought of it as money well spent.

backpack with a few 10 plates in it, straps pulled tight = my weighted vest

cant beat the xvest for tight fit during explosive drills…many vests fly around when doing anything explosive…