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Which Weight Vest is Better?


Probably the 75 pound one.


While searching the archives I found these two brands mentioned the most. The V-Max has more durable materials, though I doubt I would be able to beat up the X-vest that much. The X-vest seems like it may be more ergonomic/comfortable. What are your thoughts?


I've got a 50 lb V-max short vest and I love it. I had a crappy wal-martish full length vest before that, and the freedom of movement is worth the higher price (for me at least.)

Never worn an X-vest so I can't comment there.


I have an X vest.
It is an excellent choice.


i got the x vest and its awesome, it has great variety in weights all the way up to 80lbs.




xvest all the way the 84 pound one have had it a year


Alright. I bought the 84 pound Xvest last night on ebay (new). It came to 259.change, which I think is a good price. This is my birthday gift to myself, and I think it's hilarious that I'm so excited to get it. I haven't been this excited for something in quite some time.


Please post back what type of routine you (and others) are doing with their vests. Happy Birthday.


I saw a dude doing lat pulldowns and curls with one the other day....


Not a routine, but I enjoy doing chin ups with a weight vest. I've used up to a 40# vest, and didn't even realize they had ones going up to 80#. That's really awesome. Are you guys completely satisfied with the X-Vest? How is the fit especially around the neck?



Oh. My. Various. Gods.


i usually do cardio and plyo's with mine..i have an x-vest, it fits great, you can add or subtract weight easily. mind you i only have the 40 lb vest but that is sufficient for my needs. and its great for chin ups and pullups and box jumps.

i havent tried any other vest but i havent had any problems with the x vest


thats what i liked about it right out of the box i fit it per insturtions the one thing i have found is you lose chest area movement when all the 84lbs in ex..pushups. i did buy for hills and stairs at that lbs the control i have is just Amazing.


Anyone thought about using a bike (not stationary!) while wearing a weight vest?