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Which Way Of Periodizing My Training Is Better?

My main goal is hypertrophy & I like to periodize my training. I tend to have 2 routines and alternate between them after a certain period of time, which can vary. I’m curious of people’s opinions as to which you feel is the better way of periodizing my training. I like to utilise all rep ranges, ranging from 6-12, so I have a couple of methods of implementing this. It’d be great to find out which of the two you guys feel is the better option. I’m fully aware that neither are perfect, but once I know which is better than the other I can then work towards improving it over time and picking up on little details which need to be changed, etc.

Option 1 (Alternating between Pyramid/Reverse Pyramid sets & straight sets)

Pyramid or Reverse Pyramid training allows me to get 6-12 reps on the majority of my exercises. I then alternate after a period of time (8 weeks for example) to straight sets, whilst still working in the 6-12 rep range. For example, the first exercises in my routine will be 6 reps, then moving on to an exercise for 8 reps, then 10, then 12. In this scenario I am utilising all 6-12 rep ranges in both routines.

Option 2 (Alternating between 6-8 reps & 10-12 reps)

In this scenario I would be using straight sets only, although sticking with a specific rep range for a period of time and then alternating to a different rep range. For example, training exclusively in the 6-8 rep range for the majority of my lifts, and then after a set amount of time moving to a higher rep range of 10-12. In this scenario I am utilising all 6-12 rep ranges, but not at the same time. One rep range takes precedence over the other until I alternate to the other.

TLDR: Use all rep ranges all the time (Option 1), or alternate between rep ranges (Option 2)?

You could alternate between pyramid/reverse pyramid and straight sets, while also alternating rep ranges. Don’t think you need to limit it to either of those two options.

You dont give much detail about how you intend to progress accross the training block but from what I see neither of these options are very different. You are essentially always working in the 6-12 rep range. I wouldn’t really call that periodisation. The closest option would be option 2, with 4 weeks in the lower rep range 6 and switching to 4 weeks in the higher rep range. Try both for a while and see what works for you. As long as your consistency and effort are right along with diet and rest then either should work.


Eugghh. Maybe try some of the advice you’ve already been given in you other multiple threads…