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Which Way Is She Turning?


At first she was going CCW then she went CC then back and forth.


If you keep staring, she'll switch directions


I can't get her to go CCW.


Keep staring or go back to it later.


Me neither, and I've been watching it for over 5 minutes.


This is WAY cool. At first, I was ready to call bullshit, as all I saw was CW no matter how long I stared. But then I remembered my anatomy, and hemisphere dominance, so I tried covering one eye, and then the other. BAMM! There she was, clearly going CCW! It works, try it. Doc


That did it!


Why would they say that most people see it as CCW? I see CW no matter what I do. I covered one eye then the other...

EDIT: Wait, it's a hoax. At one point, the extended arm switches sides.


After some practice, I can make her go either way at will. The trick is to lok at the feet, that is, the gray shadows to the feet. Initially imagine that the shadow feet are just waving back and forth. Once you can see this effect then imagine releasing the shadow feet from this back and forth motion to move in the direction of your choice.


Dammit. She's like a windshield wiper for me.


I did some other right brain/left brain tests, and I turned out to be heavily right-dominant in all of them. I still can't get her to go CCW.


I saw CW right away.


I would think it has to do with the majority of people being right side dominant, and therefore left brain dominant.


It says I'm using the right side of my brain, not that I'm right side dominant.

Anyway, it's not true. Observe clearly and you'll see that the extended arm switches sides.


Nice tits.


I still don't understand why the extended arms would switch sides, unless it had something to do with the large file size. I mean 204KB for a B&W gif image?


It's not a hoax - you can view the individual frames of the gif.


Its no hoax. Originally, I saw her going CW. After a few minutes I can change it at will, CW to CCW and back.


Doing some math will get it going counter clockwise. Thinking how you're gonna draw something will turn it clock wise.


Yeah, that happened to me too, but you have to wonder why the extended arm would switch sides and why it would take 204KB for a B%W gif with a few frames.


I thought it could be the gif. But when you change it at will then, regardless of the number of rotations, then it is likely not programmed. There are alot of similar puzzles that involve stationary images.