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Which way is better- mag-10 question

Is it better to use mag-10 for 2 weeks and then take some time off, or is 4 weeks more beneficial. What are the advantages of each method.

Well, for these comparisons to be valid,
they have to be as close as possible,
certainly being equivalent for example
in amount of MAG-10 taken. It isn’t fair
to compare 4 weeks of use vs. 2 weeks of use.

So we’d be comparing 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off,
2 weeks on, 2 weeks off vs. 4 weeks on,
4 weeks off.

The difference wouldn’t be dramatic between
these, particularly if Clomid, or Tribex + Vitex, or Tribex + M are used in off weeks. (If not, recovery after the 4 week cycle could
in some cases be a little slow.) The advantages of the briefer system would be
that the body would have some time to re-ready itself for further growth in the second two weeks cycle, whereas in the four week plan it would have to go right into that immediately after already having grown a good bit; and there would be less time for losses in off weeks, only 2 weeks vs. 4 weeks.

The difference though would be much smaller that in the case of comparing, say, 2 on / 4 off to 8 on / 16 off; or 2 on / 2 off to 8 on / 8 off, etc.

Still, I don’t much favor neither-here-nor-there cycle lengths like 4 weeks. I’d say, either get the advantage of very fast recovery that you get from 2 weeks, or go all the way and do 6-8 weeks.