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Which way did he go George?

Hey guys let me start by saying that i received my T-Mag and it surpasses my expectations, Great Job. Ok now that i got the mag im contenplating some supplements but im lost as hell and have no clue what to take and not to take pertaining my goals. Yeah yeah research smisearch!! I did all my research pertaining my workout and have done all my own research concerning diet thru your great search options and unlimited info. But when it comes to the supplements im as lost as Bush would be trying to say supplementation. Im 335 lbs 25% BF and of course i want to lose fat and gain muscle. I know I know more like lose fat preserve muscle or at least have minimum loss. My Diet is great and workouts also but hey a little extra help cant hurt. I know im gonna get Surge but what other do you recommend taking and how? And just to soften you up a little more :slight_smile: Did i mention your magazine Rocks!! PLese help me peeps all advice is apretiated!!! by the way i used to weight 405 lbs back in january i just hit the 70 lbs loss mark and thanks to T-Mag it has been lots of fat and thanks to rockie status i have also put on major muscle.

Go ahead and fill us in on your diet and exercise program. We may be able to help you out there at well.

In order of importance, here are the supplements I suggest for your particular goals:

  1. Advanced Protein- It’s low carb, will help you get enough protein to keep from losing muscle, and it’ll make dieting easier and more convenient.

  2. MD6- Increases fat burning in a couple of different ways, kills your cravings, and makes you feel oh-so-good. (I know, I’m jacked up right now on two caps.)

  3. T2- Keeps you from stalling out when dieting, increases fat loss, etc.

4) Methoxy-7- Helps you preserve muscle on a diet among other things.

Surge is great; I’ve used it while dieting with good results, but if money is an issue, I think the stuff above would be better suited for your immediate goals. It sounds like you’ve researched a lot, but just in case you missed it, be sure and read the “Supplement Round-up”, “The Diet Manifesto” and “Massive Eating” articles at T-mag.

It sounds like you were dangerously obese, so have you seen a doctor about it yet? You may want to get a check-up before you start anything drastic.

Hey thanks for responding Chris. Yeah i saw a Doctor and he was in shock becouse he expected high blood pressure among other things and i came thru with flying colors. Yeah 405 was alot but just to put in perspective i am 6’3 and have a large frame. Wick in part contributed to the weight becouse it didnt seem i weighed that much. Anyways im on the massive eating Diet with an 800 cal deficit for weight loss im currently having 3 food meals and 3 mrp’s some udo’s and fish oils i currently use Designer whey but im switching to advanced protein!!!im doing a 3 day split 4th day off then start the cycle again. I do my 30 min cardio after workout like JB said and its working good. Ok Chris i might be asking for too much but once i get these how should i take them? some specific time or order??? just checking!!

Great, Big Daddy, I like helping people out who’ve done their research! Your diet sounds good and it looks like you’re hitting the iron. Good. BTW, I think the blend of proteins in AP will be better for you than the plain whey in Designer. Plus the taste is far superior. An AP shake is like dessert.

As for timing, use AP like you normally do your current protein shake. MD6 can be taken three times a day, 2 capsules each time for a max of six caps per day. I’d start with half that (1 cap, 3 times per day) and work up if necessary. The new formula is potent! I take 2 upon waking, two before lunch, and one or two around 4pm. I train at 5 so the extra energy is nice. Don’t take them too late or you may have trouble sleeping. For me, that’s no later than 4 or 5pm (but I go to bed pretty early so I can get up early and write.)

For T2, the max dose is 3 caps a day though some people are experimenting with more. You want to take each cap at a different time. I take one with breakfast, one with lunch and one with an afternoon snack.

It’s best to spread Methoxy out as well. I split mine into 3 servings and just spread them out. You can take Methoxy late at night and sleep fine, so I usually have a dose with my nighttime protein shake. Any more questions, just shoot them to the forum and we’ll help you out.

Thanks Shugs! Keep up the awesome work.