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Which Waxy Maize are you Using?

so I finally started to look into buying this waxy maize that everyone talks about. which brand do you use? which have you tried and like / disliked? are they all the same?

Don’t use it. I don’t see the need for it personally, at least with my goals.
The idea is a quick digesting carb source, but I usually have protein any time I have carbs (like during or PWO). And having anything with it slows down it’s digestion so you lose the benefit.

:shrug: that’s just me

interesting. thanks for you input.

I don’t see the need either. Taking a malto/dex/whey peri workout will get carbs in just as fast as waxymaize post workout or am I missing something? My way you are getting protein in faster, with waxymaize you are waiting 20 minutes for your protein.

Also with Surge + bcaa you are getting more insulin than waxymaize right??

From what I’ve read up on, waxy maize is fine to mix as long as its 75% of the shake. 75grams of WMS to 25grams of whey, or something in that ratio. I was having 80grams WMS with 25grams whey pre + pwo and noticed a pump during the workout like i’ve never experienced. Also with that many carbs in dextrose I would at least be slightly bloated (feel it slugging around in my gut as I worked out). I bought it for cheap and liked the *small differences I noticed.