Which Variation of BBB Do You Recommend?

I did the 3-month challenge where you alternate the lifts;

squat 531
deadlift 5x10

Then I started doing the regular bbb;
squat 531
squat 5x10

In the 3-month challenge variation I hit my lifts 2x a week whereas the original I do only once. I gained a lot of strength in the 3-month challenge because I felt I could lift more, doing 531 of a bench then doing 5x10 bench is brutal… whereas doing 531 press then 5x10 bench I feel more rested and can push more on my 5x10 bench.

Which variation do you guys recommend that I continue on? Varied or regular BBB?


I started this same thread week or so ago and got some very good insight from user KCThick. Look it up if you get a chance.

Personally I’ve only used BBB Template 1 in the past. I did modify it from time to time by doing my BBB sets with a swiss bar, SS bar or hex bar.

Just started running BBB template 2 this week. This is very early but as of now I’ll probably wind up compromising and running template 1 for the lower body and template 2 for the upper body lifts.

I have a back injury that is really aggravated by squats and I can probably deal with the effects better by getting all my squats done on one day.