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Which Type of Specialist?

I am wanting to know if i need to go to a speciaist (certain doctor) or if I can go to my regular family physician to get my hormones checked out. I’m concerned about my T-levels and didn’t know if my regular doctor has the knowledge and equipment to take some blood test or whatever they do to check testosterone and other hormones. If anyone can help me out it would be great. Thanks.

Someone in the forum could probably help, but this is a primary topic in “Over 35 Lifter.” You might want to talk to them.

If you only want your levels checked because of bodybuilding, do not waste their time, or at least play the game. They see legitimate reasons as a combination of gaining fat, loss of focus, loss of sex drive etc.

The family physician can at least check your labs. Some are more knowledgeable than others on TRT.

Endocrinologists are more knowledgeable on this topic and take your symptoms into consideration, not just the labs. If they feel you only want to build muscle they will not prescribe and feel like a drug dealer giving pain medication to a seeker.

If you go to an anti aging clinic you will be more likely to get steroids whether you really need them or not. You still have to play the game, but they are almost guaranteed to prescribe to the older male for off label indications. Steroids do have side affects and really should not be taken them if you do not need them.

I see you are in college, and in all honestly the doctors may not even order the labs at your age unless you have some serious symptoms. If you have big muscles at your age you will be seen as a drug seeker. If it is just curiosity wait 10 years to check your levels or buy a home testing kit.

Thanks Icecold. I got a doctors appointed for Monday and they will order the labs for me. I just got to tell them that I want them to check my Testosterone levels out. Is there anything specific I should ask them or should look for in my lab reports. Also would the lab reports give a good indication of my growth hormones or is that a whole nother ball game?