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Which Type Of Muscle Milk?


I was wondering what type of muscle milk you guys prefer or recommend?

As far as I know, you can choose between muscle milk, muscle milk light and muscle milk collegiate.

So which one is the best? Which one do you guys take?



None of them. Pick a more reputable product.


what you mean by reputable? I mean Joe DeFranco recommends muscle milk!?

i'm i mistakin here or...?


Cytosport is reputable.

It depends on what ya wanna do man. The Cytosport website has suggestions on what to take depending on what you want to do, but their just gonna tell you you need to buy their muscle milk and 4 other types of their products. Not unlike alot of articles on this website, so you cant bash em for it that much.

I've taken the regular muscle milk RTD and it was great, vanilla flavor, if your worried about calories then take the light. Collegiate is new so I've never taken it. Sorry I couldnt be of more help.


Collegiate is geared towards universities. The NCAA says you can't supply a supplement that is more than 40% protien to athletes.
So unless your a head coach Id def avoid that one.

Never had light but regular MM is good IMHO. esp. if you are trying to gain size. if you are worried about cals and dieting id stick with Biotest Metabolic Drive low carb.


So you think that T-Nation articles are also full of hidden advertisement for the Biotest products? I though the authors really choose to support the products because they are the best?
Hope to hear your opinion,

Thanks for your help!


And why is that? Why can't the university give their atheltes a product that is more than 40% protein? Do you know? I'm not a head coach, I'm a freaking athlete trying to be the best he can be :wink: so i'll avoid the collegiate one.

Regular? Well, I am not really worried about cals, but do you think it might interefere with Cheat to lose ? I hear muscle milk help to get lean?!


I really like T-Nation I think its a great website, let me just say that right off the bat before somones feelings gets hurt.

I don't think that the advertisement is hidden. Most of the articles I read plug Biotest products. Nothing wrong with it but sorry if I dont buy everything I read about a product, off a website, that sells that product.


Haven't had Muscle Milk in ages, but the strawberry banana flavor is like heaven.


Muscle Milk Cookies 'N Cream might as well be icecream that stuff tastes good.

It upsets my stomach a little bit though so I don't buy it anymore, I buy Metabolic Drive Complete instead.

Its pretty simple

get lite if you want to limit carbs and stuff and want it just for the protein.

get regular muscle milk if you want a MRP type shake, with 20 ounces of milk it is over 700 calories (as is Metabolic Drive complete)


I'm pretty sure I've seen TC post on the forums that they don't just insert Biotest products where they feel like it - it's the authors doing it on their own.

Not everything is a conspiracy.


To add to this, Men's Health talks about Metabolic Drive as being the best protein on the market. And last time I checked, Biotest and Men's Health are owned by different companies.


yeah no problem i feel you. i think in a similiar way. but i also have to say, that everytime I tried a company's (with good rep) recommended stack, I hav good results. and as far as i hear, Biotest products are supposed to be top notch, correct?!


yeah i heard that, but ig uess ill go with the one that has the least calories and best protein to sugar to carbs "ratio".


yeah i am thinking about doing that, too. you know, just replace breakfast with it and then have one after workouts as a post workout shake.


yeah i thought in that way too, because if authors would just recommend stuff that they do not really use, they could easil ruine their reputation. and reputation is very important in this business.


good one. i never looked at it from that point of view.


Thats all I said, and all I meant!

I've tried Biotest products in the past and have had no results. That being said I know that not everything works for everyone and with T-Nations 100% money back guarantee I am thinking about trying my luck again with a different product. Please, dont get all bent outta shape.

Sorry to the creator for hijacking the thread.


yeah no problem. what Biotest products have you tested?


yeah well...i don't know. i guess there are a lot of good products out there, but Biotest seems to be pushed by many coaches that have a "name" out there so i guess that got to have something...