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Which type of Foam roller is best?


Hi- I have the basic blue foam roller and it deformed pretty quickly. So I am off to but a better one and I am wondering which one people think is best:

The Grid (orangle), The Rumbleroller (blue) or the Quadballer (green striped)
They are all about the same price.
Thanx in advance.


If you have been foam rolling for a while just buy a 4 foot 4-6 inch piece of PVC pipe


you can do the pvc wrapped in duct tape

I have the black foam roller from Elite. Thing is the best investment I have made. It still is firm and effective after a year, and I am a big old 270lber.


Me to, best thing ever bought from there.


I made one from PVC pipe covered in one wrap of a yoga mat and duct tape. My gym has the dense black foam rollers as well. Each one serves it's own purpose. That blue knobby thing looks like death itself.


Hi Thanx for the relies! I didn't see my thread posted so I thought maybe there was a problem. So, I went out and bought one anyway before I saw your replies!: ( the orange one- they said it was the best seller)

I haven't been foam rolling for long. I did quite a bit on my left leg in the spring- I realize now I should have done both legs equally because my right leg is now tight.

I really hope this works!

thanx again


I have used those, they will not break down, basically is a PVC pipe with foam around it. Only problem I have with those is they are very short, they really do not cover my back to foam roll well.



The firmer the roller the better.

A personal roller will generally not go soft as fast as the ones at the gym (which are used more), but you'll still want to get the least giving roller you can stand.

My one gripe with PVC is that it has a tendency to slip out. I'm still looking for a good solution for that. Duct tape tends to wear and leave stickies all over everything. I'm leaning toward some sort of heat-shrink treatment or maybe an adhesive and cloth wrapping of some sort.