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Which Type of Doctor to go to for Thyroid Testing?

What kind of doctor to you go to to get your Thyroid checked and your test? I know test can be checked at your regular physician. Can thyroid also or do you need a specific field of practice?

I’m not sure where you’re at, but I’ve had my primary care doctor check my thyroid in MD.

My wife has hers checked by an endocrinologist.

Your personal physician can order and interpret basic thyroid function tests. Further, if there’s something going on that makes you feel like you need to have your thyroid checked, it indicates to me that it’s time for a convo with your doc.

goto a Urologist or an Endocrinologist.

A urologist?

The thyroid’s in the penis, duh…

Just as long as it’s not adjacent to the prostate. I can accept that sort of exam once/year from my urologist, but if my endocrinologist tells me he has to do a similar yearly exam as well to check my thyroid, I just don’t think I could take it.


Endo with really long arms?

Long and very, very flexible.