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Which type of Creatine?

Hey peeps, i’ve got some creatine serum and its going no where; so i was wondering what type of powdered form should i get. Advice would be appreciated…thanx

A number of companies sell basic creatine powder for dirt cheap. As far as I know, creatine is creatine, and there aren’t certain ‘types’. However, some companies now have ‘micronized creatine’ powder, which helps to avoid the grittiness, and supposedly is absorbed easier. You could buy the plain powder and mix it with some high GI carbs, or you could buy a product such as AST’s ‘Creatine HSC’ which is simply micronized creatine and dextrose in a pre-mixed powder. Whatever you do just stay away from that ‘creatine serum’ stuff or any other creatine drink that is pre-mixed in liquid form. As you found out with the serum, those products are complete garbage.

when it comes to creatine you can but shit or you can buy good shit, I agree the serum is garbage it’s been lab tested as containing less than a gram of creatine, In fact stay away from anything MMUSA makes it all sucks!!
Go pick up some TRAC from MHP or CREATINE CLEAR from FSI they are two of the best creatine’s on the market…Oh yea and don’t buy in to the cell-tech marketing bullshit!!!

Thanx Al for your reply and yes they are garbage…peace!

Al, i’ve heard about Creatine Monohydrate which is the cheapest one, and i’ve also heard of Creatine Citrate and i know there is one more…i fugured one had to be better than another,but i guess they are prolly there for same purpose. Thanx

Thanx for the info josh

Prolab is just fine for me.

I read a little about creatine citrate, and saw that it is more water soluble than creatine monohydrate, which is a plus, but citrate also doesn’t yield as much creatine monohydrate gram for gram. I know that citrate is supposedly absorbed much easier than regular monohydrate, but I think in the long run you’ll end up spending more if you go with citrate. Good luck man!

What’s wrong with Cell-Tech? Cell-Tech products are the only products my gym sells. What would you suggest that can be purchased at a GNC.

I’m still partial to EAS. I took a week off from training and about three weeks from supplements (creatine and glutamine, both EAS.) I’m back training for two weeks and noticed that my muscles look smaller. I figure its the lack of supplements.