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Which Training Template?




1 Wendler 6 a workout.



what do you mean 1 Wendler 6 a workout


He means one of these (taken from one of Jim’s posts on another thread):

Chins (various)
Ab work
Low back (raises/RH)

After main work and supplemental work, these are the movements I recommend. People are free to do whatever they want, but these are what I recommend."


What performance goals do you have? Your template should reflect your goals.

[quote]Richieavella721 wrote:
what do you mean 1 Wendler 6 a workout [/quote]

Pick one the the “Wendler 6” movements. They are 6 assistance movements Jim recommends. They are described in one of the books. 2nd Ed maybe? I cannot remember right now.


[quote]Richieavella721 wrote:

For the first time in 20 years, I will recommend you do more.


[quote]Jim Wendler wrote:

[quote]Richieavella721 wrote:

For the first time in 20 years, I will recommend you do more.[/quote]

Let me start off saying, I have been very inconsistent over the past few years when it comes to training. If I told you how many times I stopped a program , you would ban me from your forum. That being said, I live a typical lifestyle. Work full time, have a girlfriend, bills, etc. Which training template would you advise me to stick to.

My Main goal is to get big and STRONG. I was thinking the beyond 531 template that was on T-Nation (yes I have the book) because my background in athletics. Or the Monolith program on your site. Big supporter. Thanks.


I think most people would suggest the most important thing is to stick to a template, not which template you stick to. I would suggest you first decide how much time you can commit. Then choose a template, mobility, conditioning and eating plan from the numerous variations Jim has written and do it for 3 months religiously as written (that last bit is the bit that actually matters).

Then re-assess. It really won’t matter at that point if you did BBB challenge, monolith, bodybuilder template, NOV whatever- you should be bigger and stronger than you are now, and that’s progress. Keep progressing over months and years and you are winning.

  • Do something which motivates you.

  • Just follow the principles. This is one of the thing I like in this program. I don’t always even have chance to follow a template 100%, I may have to go to the gym where I can’t do this or that, and my training schedules are often changing from other factors. That is why I have often rough plan, following the 5/3 principle:

two cycles of higher rep ranges.
two cycles of med rep ranges.
one cycle of “Peaking”

80% of my training sessions are made of 5/3/1 + fsl/intensity work. So these phases comes naturally because of raising TM.

  • Plan your training with 6 week block cycles.

You must be able to do follow the_idea_for 6 weeks, that is very, very short time in training. Plan what you want to do. Just be reasonable what you’ll do next. It may be difficult to do cycle with jokers after 5’s pro and BBB.

  • Think less, do more. Do the work in the gym, and spare the brain work for other things.

  • Understand that work is all that matters. You just need to do the work and progress. No new template/program is gonna do the trick for you.

  • Pick a goal and go for it. It makes it easier to concentrate more.

I was once there, and I know it is possible to get away. 5/3/1 is a great program which gives you freedom to maneuver in little things and have a goal.