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Which Training Shoe to Get for Wife? Opinions Needed

Hi all,

I’m looking to get some lifting shoes for my wife for Xmas. She has a bunch of shoes, all specialized for running, lifting, etc. Right now for squats & deads, she uses chucks, but is limited due to hip mobility issues, so I’m thinking an actual lifting shoe may really help her out.

The way she trains usually is she hits a big lift for the day (squats, sumo deads, bench, etc), and typically follows up with a “metcon” style circuit for assistance work, which could look like:
5 rounds of: 10 Goblet squats --> 10 lunges --> 10 Kb swings/tire flips.

Question I’m really leaning towards the metcon 3s based on her style of training. But I’m wondering how squatting in Metcons (1/2/3) compare to squatting in oly shoes (romaleos for instance). & on the other side of the coin, how well do oly shoes work for circuit training where both stability and ployometric, lateral, & sprinting movement is required?

Hi TX iron.

I don’t know if this is helpful. I have no experience with the Metcon 3s. I bought the Adidas Powerlift 3s last year. You can see them in my avatar picture. I use them for OLY and squats. These are on the low end for price, compared to some WLing shoes, but I love them and they’re still holding up great after almost 18 months so I’m glad I went with them.

I still use Chucks for other things in the gym, so I’ll squat and then switch shoes to do other things. FYI, my WLing shoes run true to size. I wear a 7 in Converse, and nearly all shoes, and the 7 fit in these.

I assume she already has a nice belt? I really like my Inzer Forever belt. I don’t know how tall your wife is, but the BBing one that is cut out in the front works really well for me. There’s not a lot of room between the bottom of my rib cage and my hip, to I like that it’s smaller in front.

Best of luck. That’s so nice that you lift together.


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Hey Puff thanks for the reply!

That’s cool they’ve held up for you. Do you notice a really difference in them vs chucks? Her thing is touchy hip mobility, and right now she only uses the chucks because it was such a flat base. I understand that metcons are a cross trainer with a heel modeled after an only shoe, only a little less rigid to make room for runs etc. Do/can you use ypour olys for things like farmers walks, lunges, etc, or strictly big, immobile lifts?

Thanks for the sizing info, I was wondering how true lifting shoes ran (I hear the metcons run a tad wide).

She does have a belt, I bought here a rouge 11mm Oly belt. Like you, she has a shorter torso & it fits her well. She’s tried mine on before, 4" all around, and looks like it feels super awkward.

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@ Hip mobility. Hard to say. I always did squats in Chucks. I don’t have any mobility issues.

@ Ridged base. I don’t like to do things like lunges in them, that require a bent foot. They’re too ridged for me. My Chucks or old Vans are better for that stuff.

@ Sizing. They are on the wide side, which might cause her trouble if she has a really narrow foot. I think lifting shoes always run wide, which was one reason I didn’t want to go into small men’s sizes. A lot of women doing OLY just buy the men’s shoes, and size down, but I think men’s shoes are usually wider so I was worried about that.

@ Belts. Yep. I’m glad I tried the Inzer BBing one before I bought a belt. Another small woman had one at a meet, and I tried hers. I love it. 4" around won’t work for me.

I’m looking into the adidas pl 3s. they look like a good buy! The width thisng has me a bit worried though

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Yeah. It’s hard to know how much to spend. I was taking OLY lessons, so I needed them for that. Let me preface this by saying that I don’t have a good squat. It’s my worst, and least favorite lift, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much better I like squating in WLing shoes vs. Chucks. I don’t have mobility issues, so that surprised me. I didn’t think it would matter at all, but I like my WLing shoes a lot.

Just a head’s up. This may not happen for her, but I did get some knee soreness at first, just below my knee caps. I asked my coach about it, wondering if I needed to use knee sleeves or something supportive, and he said it’s a normal adjustment thing to the new position in the WLing shoes. That was true! It was went away after the first couple of weeks, as I recall.

Thanks a lot puff, you really helped out. I’ll make sure she’s aware of this - she squats with sleeves anyway.

Just pulled the trigger on the adidas powerlift 3s. I guess Adidas was having a sale, I snagged a pair for 60 bucks!

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Oh, that’s a great deal. Nice. I hope they work for her.

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