Which to Stack With Alpha Male?

Guys I am just about ready to cut a bit. I should be at nearly 240 at 20% BF next week but am unsure if I should go with HOT-ROX to lose the excess BF and then to Carbolin 19, or should go with Carbolin 19 then HOT-ROX to close out everything. I want to get dow to 12 to 15 % BF while retaining all the LBM I have gained. I just am not sure on the order of taking these supps. I know what they do already.

I would go with HOT-ROX, I think it is the most effective when it comes to bodyfat. Or you could just try eating cleaner and training heavier using compound lifts. That will increase LBM and get your body to automatically burn more calories during the day while gaining more muscle. More muscle = less fat. Good luck

I second that…try and eat cleaner and do some interval training.

Supping with HOT-ROX will speed up your metabolism and rate, but w/o enough lean mass, the affects will not be as good.

If you are 20%BF then you will not lose much LBM if you have a complete meal plan and step up the exercise.


Thanks for the replies. My diet is pretty clean. I have actually gone from 24% to 20% in the last 10 weeks but I was in a bulking phase. I started at 214 and now am at 236. I end the bulking cycle this week and should be around 240.

My training is pretty heavy right now but I am going to switch over to the Art of Waterbury starting today. I dont think it is as hard of a workout as I was doing but I am sure it will give me better results. I think I was overtraining before. I was doing a SPLIT with 8 - 9 excercizes all at 3 x 10.

I have 2 bottles Alpha Male, 2 HOT-ROX and 2 Carbolin 19 in my closet. Supported with Surge, Grow!, and Power Drive.

Supps will help you and maybe get you a bit of motivation which is good, so keep eating clean and follow Waterbury’s plan as close as possible, you should see only better results, keep it up.

I like to see bulking simply as eating more, and cutting as eating less. Training would stay more or less the same.

I was myself thinking of Alpha Male, and other test products, let me know more, I am curious to hear more from you, age etc. I am 23, 6 ft 7 280lbs, although most ppl literally shit themselves when I tell them that they think I weigh around 200-220 LOL.

Ok well I am 6’1 and am weighing in at 236 at 20% BF. I am 32 years old and have been in the gym on and off for about 12 years, mostly off. I go in spurts where I am real motivated and get in great shape and then burn out. I was doing real well for about 18 months and then I damaged a nerve in my back and was out of commission for 18 months or so, but all is good again.

I have been back in the gym for 10 weeks now. I have put on a lot of mass in those 10 weeks and strength has really gone up. My numbers are not huge but the atrophy from being sidelined took its course. My bench is at 265 and I have not maxed out on Deads or Squat. I have done 235 on both movements without any problem. I dont have a belt and didnt want to hurt myself. I want to strengthen my back before I test my limits. Once I cut up a bit I will post my 10 weeks ago pics and my current pic.

You should definitely be taking ZMA if your looking to boost Alpha Male’s effectiveness…Why bother taking it if your gonna drag your t levels down by not supplementing with proper zinc.