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Which Thibarmy Program?

@CT I am wrapping up your conjugate bodybuilding program which is great. I am wondering which program this pic is from? Ty

I honestly don’t know. I write 100 program per week for online clients and upcoming projects. I can’t identify a program from a screenshot, sorry

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No problem. Summer is coming high frequency bodybuilding :grinning:

@nickj_777 How were your results on the Conjugate Bodybuilding program ?

I loved it

@Christian_Thibaudeau I just bought the High Frequency bodybuilding program and was wondering how do I incorporate cardio and biceps/abs into this program as the program is 4 days a week?


Define cardio… are you talking about LISS cardio, loaded carries, sprints, assault bike/rower work?

Biceps can be done on any day really. You can even add one biceps exercise at the end of every workout. Same with abs.

For abs you can also do them on a 5th day which would be conditioning day where you could do the abs shredder

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Ok ya the cardio wasnt necessary. My goal is to fix my lagging biceps. Ty for your help. Maybe I’ll add your strongman arms program into this.

It says to do the strong man arms twice a week for the best gains. Can I do it on the off days twice a week in the HFBB program?


Or can I do this for day 5? Screenshot_20180301-041714