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Which Test is Best?


Prop,Cyp,Enath,Suspension or sust??

Just curious what Test seems to work best.I'm sure each is unique and may work better with other steroids in a stack.

I've used suspension and cyp and both worked great.Got huge off the suspension and the cyp seemed to be a little slower working but both did the job.I'm just trying enath this cycle so I should hopefully have an opinion on that soon.

Anyways, let me know ur opinions.Also, at what dose they seem to work better at.

Did Cyp at 500mgs a wk.Enath will be at 750mgs a wk so I'm expecting big things this time around.



test is test really, personaly i didnt notice a difference between any of them but i havent used cyp or suspension yet.


suspension has different usages than the others for the most part.

Prop has the smallest ester so you get the most test out of the actual solution. But with the others you can just take a little more and get the same amount of actual testosterone.

Prop is fast acting, and if injected everyday produces a quick and stable blood concentration.

E, sust and Cyp can also produce great concentrations if injected everyday, but they dont clear the body as fast, which is more of a headache when coming off.

Most advanced users prefer prop, as when running multiple drugs your likely to be injecting often anyways.

The normal dose is usually 500mg/week with any of the esters.

750-1000 gram will produce better gains.

The higher you go from 500, the more the gains diminish, this is true with most drugs.

750mg is going to feel alot better than 500, but 1 gram isnt going to feel TWICE as good as 500.

Its worth it, but the progression isnt linear, so dont be disappointed.

People running 2 grams a week are not really seeing jack shit over the guy running a gram a week. Diminishing returns sets in hardcore.


I have not used Susp - but all the others.. and IMO there is little between the actual noticeable effects from them.

I DO however prefer the shorter estered drugs as a rule, and this is no different for test. Being happy to inject daily, i prefer to use prop as it really does give noticeably less water and fat gain (alongside Adex or Letro) than Cyp does - my least favourite.

If i wanted to use a longer estered test, i would choose Enanthate over Cyp. I really do find that cyp's effects are very slow and steady - with no amazing growth burst.. The opposite is said for prop, and enanthate while only being an ester away from Cyp is noticeably faster acting (no frontload) IME.




What do you guys think of sustanon?


me personally I do not like it.
I would rather use prop,sust should be injected daily so if your going to do that anyways then why have the long esters in there, why not take advantage of the short esters to help with recovery later.

its not a bad product just I prefer not to use it is all.



Sust is usually more expensive that other test, and you have to inject everyday to keep blood levels stable anyways.

It was an attempt to make a drug that could produce stable blood levels, but it fails more or less, ironic.