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Which Template Gave You The Best Size Gains?

currently trying to get some good size on… so which template gave u the best size gains in your experience?
I was thinking about trying God Is A Beast but havent decided yet

Building the Monolith, followed by BBB.


BBB (Challenge or normal).
BBS (Challenge or normal).
Black army jacket.
Spinal tap (!!)
Building the Monolith.

But most important -> 1000000 reps of food to mouth and enougg sleep.


Step 1: Make sure your eating is AT LEAST 90% perfect. Track this for at least 6 months and if you are not 90% compliant, fix it.

Step 2: Make sure you are sleeping as much as you can and napping (if possible).

Step 3: Make sure every single rep is done with 100% precision, power and near perfect.
Step 4: Give consistent, awesome effort in every rep, set and training day. Consistency breeds success.
Step 5: Choose whatever template you WANT to do and you are disciplined/motivated to kick ass with. Because the truth is that as long as you do steps 1-4, it won’t matter as much as everyone seems to think.