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Which Template for My Goals?

Hi everyone!

Been reading these forums for the while and finally decided to post for some general advice.

I’ve been on and off training for a good few years now, never been consistent with training nor my diet, Most of the training has came from 5/3/1, I enjoy his philosophy, how easy it is to understand and how I can plan out the cycles of my training. My only problem was I kept changing templates every week because I didn’t know which template would be best for my goals, I’m hoping to lay out my current progress and my goals and get some feedback, thanks.

Current stats:
-Height: 5 ft 8 (173?)
-Weight: 76kg (167.5lbs)
-Age: 25

-Squat: 100kg x 6 (Estimated 1RM 116)
-Bench Press: 85kg x 3 (Estimated 1RM 90)
-Deadlift: 160 x 1 (Estimated 1RM 160)
-Press: 50 x 3 (Estimated 1RM 53)

These are my current lifts, not the best but hoping to get my training sorted so I can up these numbers up. My main big goals are currently:

-Overall mass, hopefully 80-85kg in bodyweight.
-200kg Deadlift.
-Biggers traps (for the “lifters” look).
-Bigger legs.

I’m not too bothered about my bench at the moment due to no thoughts about committing to powerlifting, and knowing 5/3/1 my bench will be increasing slowly even without focus. Press is a small goal just to get 60kg, and maybe after a 200kg deadlift I will focus on bodyweight press. Even though my squat is lagging, and I know a bigger squat will equal bigger legs, but for some reason a bigger deadlift takes my fancy for the moment.

My question is, which templates (Leader/anchor, or even challenges) and assistance would be best for my current goals? I have all the books, I understand the program itself but putting it all together and creating a program block is where I struggle due to over complicating my assistance and lack of knowledge of lifting in general.

Thank you for taking your time to read.

Building the Monolith, BBB Beefcake or Beach Body Challenge

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I’ll be another vote for Building the Monolith and Beach Body.

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should that be back to back or 2 cycles, Deload, than onto the next one? or depending on whether it’s been working stay on the same template until I stall out?


Use the 7 week protocol after 2 cycles.

Thanks! I’ll post my progress in 6 weeks time.

If you want big traps superset pushups and pull-ups

4x25 pushups
and 4x10 pull-ups

Rest as little as possible. The last 5 reps on the last two sets of pushups should be brutal and the same on the last 2-3 reps of pull-ups on the final two sets. You should be totally inside your mind trying to get the last few reps. It should be an out of body experience.

Do this 4-5 times a week

Your elbows will hurt after a while, but give it a few months and your upper back and traps will explode. You will begin to feel pushups with your entire upper body. It will also give you a base that will stay with your for years.