Which Template After BBB Challenge?

Friday I finish bbb 3 month challenge except 9 weeks strait. Really like the template. Don’t have my book with me to look threw plans. Was thinking of running a bbb ish plan. Except swapping out the 5x10 upper work out with mabey incline bench on bench day. And something else on shoulder press.

On leg days. Doin 5x10 x 60% trainNg max.
Any other thoughts or advice appreciated

I ran Fat Loss/Prep, then Dan John’s 10,000 swing challenge, and now I’m doing Krypteia. Both 5/3/1 programs are from 5/3/1 Forever. I really like the way they push work capacity and training density. I’m in Phase 2, and these sets are really pushing me harder than I have in a long time. There’s no real heavy singles, doubles, etc. in these, but they are great programs if you have other goals IMO.

Some favorite 531’s:

Building a bigger yoke
Beach body
Now doing Building the Monolith and really liking it.

Well oh welll. Last week of BBB and California shuts down gyms again

Finished up in ten weeks. Numbers arnt big. But big for me for only one year lifting.
Was thinking of going for pr next week
Bench 225
Trap bar dead lift 350
Squat 300. If I can find spotters
Press 125 or 135
After this deload while on stay cation then figure out what to do next