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Which T-Booster is Best?



I have been on nxcare T3 and I have seen some results. I have a question regarding which T-Booster would be the best for maximum muscle growth. I have heard good things (from the forums) about Alpha Male but others say that Carbolin 19 is better. Being that I have seen some results with T3 if I switch to Carblin 19 or Alpha Male am I expecting too much from these other products? Are they that much better? Which would you personally use? And why would you pick the one you did, for what reason? Sorry about asking so many questions.

Thankyou for your input and knowledge.


Bro, Cy will give you the best answer, but I thought, I would chime in with my take. Alpha Male is going to maximize your production and levels of free testosterone and block any harmful elevated estrogen.

Carbolin 19 is a supplement that will put you in a heightened anabolic muscle building state.

So, the two I feel would be a good stack to use together if your are looking to mazimize muscle gains. If you have all the other bases covered.... eating, lifting, resting.



If the goal is muscle growth, I would go with Carbolin 19. The reason being that it's designed for the specific reason to shift body composition with an increase in lean body mass and a decrease in fat mass.

With the testosterone boosters, while one may indirectly make better gains over a prolonged period of time due to increased endogenous testosterone, I don't think it would be to the same degree as that with Carbolin 19.

Hope that helps.