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Which Surge Do You Prefer?


General question, which Surge do you like more in terms of gains(strength or muscle)?

Surge Recovery
Or Surge Workout fuel?

What flavor is better in your opinion?


Both are really two different beasts, Surge recovery is better suited for having after training, while Surge Workout Fuel, is better suited for pre/during training.

In my opinion Surge Workout Fuel, is a great product, and will certainly be a great tool in helping to build size and strength. So, if i had to choose one it would probably be that, add in a scoop or two of MAG-10 to it and you have a really great peri-workout drink mix, which could be followed up by a protein/carb meal post workout.


Would Surge Workout fuel be a good post workout drink as well? Or are the carbs not as fast digesting/acting as the ones in surge recovery are? I know there share D-glucose as a carb source, but the others are way different.

I noticed there is a decent amount more of sugar in recovery than workout fuel. Any answers regarding this topic? Post workout carbs and sugar......