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Which Supps Should I Take as a Beginner?


Just started working out again after 7 months, I didn't really see much progress before, probably wasn't eating enough, atleast I know that now, and am familiar with all the lifts. Im 21, 6'1 and 160 pounds, need to gain a lot I know.

I'm going to order some protein, and creatine. but I just came across this product and was wondering if it's right for me or not. If I do get it, I would probably skip on the creatine since it contains it already.


Or is that for more advanced lifters?


My knee jerk reaction is that your are simply not eating enough and do not need to worry about anything besides food, and potentially, a good whey protein for post work out nutrition. A breakdown of your daily diet would help.


Yeah I know i'm not eating enough for sure. I need to find a clean bulk diet just to get in better shape for the summer, even 10 pounds of muscle would make a huge difference, then after that I can bulk for a longer period. Where would I find a diet plan, or I need to make one up?

I agree, diet is more important and then your routine, but moneys not really an issue so I just figured these supplements won't hurt me, and I might as well take them you know?



If money is not an issue, invest in good food, whey,and fish oil. Here is a good article that came out recently: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/gettin_massive_with_food

Really, you should just search the nutrition articles/ search for mass nutrition articles with the search bar up top. To me, this shouldn't be too hard to do: Good clean foods (proteins consisting meat, poultry, and fish), fruits, vegetables, nuts, and the like. Eat above whatever your maintenance level of calories is (think BMR measures, if you are clueless).

I have yet to touch MAG-10, or even creatine, for no reason in particular, and my lifts are all fairly moderate to high for my body type (600 lb deadlift, 500 lb squat, 350 bench). You can make plenty of progress on food alone.


My knee jerk reaction is the same as Shadow's. However, I do believe that you can get really really good results out of that protein IF--and ONLY IF-- you have the whole food nutrition completely covered. I am a big fan. You can get a lot out of it as a beginner too, if money is no obstacle, but most beginners have way way too many mistakes and too little planning to make an investment like that. That shit is expensive! Worth the money, but too expensive to waste!

However the very utmost #1 thing I have to say to you is DON'T become a supplement whore as a beginner. Too too many people make that mistake and waste hundreds and hundreds of dollars on bullshit supps because of marketing. It is ALWAYS about how hard you work--including planning food intake-- not what you take.

Everybody, and I mean everybody, who asks me how I got to my present stage always asks me "what do you take bro?!" They never ever ask "how long have you worked so hard bro?!" See what I mean? That is why they will never achieve the goal they seem to want so bad.

The basics work very well, and they are: a good fast whey protein, creatine, dextrose/maltodextrin powder for carbs in your workout shakes. And actually, the Gatorade powder they sell in large tins at the grocery store is great for that. Read the ingredients though, it should say "dextrose" or "glucose" on it, NOT sucrose or glucose-fructose blend. To the best of my knowledge there are apparently 2 different formulas available as a powder.

Ok so fast acting whey, creatine, dextrose/gatorade powder, then from a basic health standpoint fish oil, multivitamin, vitamin D3. If you want to get fancy you can add powdered leucine to your workout shakes. 10g-20g or so.


Oh and shadow, my recommendation would be way WAY above their BMR levels, since that is what you would burn by yourself if you literally didn't move in an entire day. :slight_smile: I know what you meant, but maybe he didn't.


Ok perfect, tons of info! Thanks for taking the time to type that.

What will the fish oil, multivitamin, and vitamin D3 do for me exactly?


fish oil = everything. anti-inflammatory, helps metabolism, helps immune function. Duct tape for supplements. Multivitamin is standard. Should be required anyways, but a multivitamin ensures that a person who has increased demand for vitamins due to training not run out. Helps just general health and it is dirt cheap so there's no reason not to include it.

Same with vitamin D, deficiency of which is actually pretty widespread, although not universal. Helps bone healing/thickening/strength. Helps mood in those deficient in vitamin D, really a great supplement (do some reading on this site, there should be blurbs about it floating around from Shugart and others)


Best sups for you at the moment are probably fish, meat, eggs and green veggies. I've got five bucks that says your current diet is defficient in one, more or all of these categories.


Truth. As for fish - more specifically wild caught salmon is the ticket.