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Which Supps for a Football Player?


Im going into my senior football season this next fall and im looking for some good supplements to take or stack that will increase my strength without jeopardizing my speed and agility. what can you guys recommend? thanks.


First of all lets hear what your lifts are? assuming good form.


Before making recomendations I would need to know what your position is? How good of a player you actually are? Height weight? What are you daily Meal Plans like?

for ex A) your a 160 lb linebacker that is third string , you eat a big lunch pizza and drink a whey protein shake after working out. You powerclean 185, squat 600(in your own head) really 250 with PF. Spend alott of time on curls

For Ex B) Your a 225 defensive tackle, starated half the games your junior year. You know in your heart you have potential. You work hard, clean 250, deadlift 450, don't bench use dbs instead. Run a 4.5 laser timed 40 yd dash. You eat 5 meals a day, could lean out a bit. u Take in some efas, and a PWO drink consistently and get enough protein daily.

For A), work on getting enough protein daily.Metabolic Drive Start a Surge PWO shake. Take in some fish oils. Get a multi vitamin. Maybe some Power Drive before workouts!

For B) add in Surge, Methoxy-7, Give Rez-V , Carbolin 19 a try, working on yournatural levels of T , Power Drive is great before lifting. Playing around with increasing calories massive eating style. Flameout to.

c.,, There is NO SUPPLEMENT THAT WILL SLOW YOU DOWN> only Fat will or poor flexability.


im 5'9 and weight around 185. ive been starting on varsity since my sophomore year so id say im a high caliber player. play linebacker and some running back. lifting 4-5 times a week. along with a cardio workout our coach has designed. doing bench squat deadlift clean and certain variations of each.


VyoTechs 17HD is all you need...get it online for about 35 bucks, its the best thing out there


Make sure that none of the supplements are banned by your conference. Players are often highly regulated about what they are allowed to take and even though the supps might not show up on a test your coach might get pissed off and stop you from playing if you break the rules.


i already checked into it and their are no regulations as far as that goes.


This has to be one of the worst recommendations I've seen for a high-school athlete in a while.



I take back what i said, Mod is right, for a high school athlete it isnt the right thing to take...My bad..In high school, stick with the basics, and your diet is a huge factor!


Metabolic Drive and Whey from this site. Mix them together. 7ibs of product that's not too sweet.

Beyond that BCAA and a good multiple vitamin. ZMA will help your recovery but you shouldn't be having an issue with that yet.

Cycle your workouts. Do them for 8-12 weeks then switch up. Do your leg work first and foremost.


What are your lifts (with good form) and your diet currently like?



for diet im eating 4-5 meals a day. well balanced. cut out all the junk and greasy foods.



eating 4-5 balanced meals a day. cut out all the junk and greasy foods already.



eating 4-5 balanced meals a day. cut out all the junk and greasy foods already.


I meant what are your poundages?

read this post I put up awhile back.



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