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Which Supplements to Stack?


What's up guys, first post here. Got a quick question on supplements/creating my own stack.

So, like many here, I've gone through all the classic preworkouts. NO-Xplode, Black Powder, NitroShock, Jack3d, etc. At this point, my tolerance to the stimulants is so high that I have to take 4 scoops of Jack3d to even feel it. That said, at my age (19), I do not really need the motivation to hit the gym, so what I'm really looking for is the additional benefits of a preworkout (NO, beta-alanine, etc.).

So my question is this. I plan on making my own stack by buying the things that I want individually, instead of as a packaged product. What do you guys recommend? So far, I have the following in mind.


This is aside from the obvious multivitamins, fish oils, etc. I also take USPLabs PowerFULL.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


What are your body weight and lifting numbers?


Thanks for the response. I'm approximately (fluctuates pretty easily) 6'2", 170lb. Haven't maxed in quite some time but I generally do 5 reps so here those are:
Bench 5x185
Squat 5x275 (if going past parallel 5x225)
Deadlift 5x225

I'm currently bulking and I've had a hard time putting on weight in the past.


With that weight and those numbers the only supplements you should be concerned about right now is: food and more food. Obviously if you have the extra money, investing in legit products like BCAA's and Creatine will only speed up your progress. But seriously, just eat dude.


With your stats presented I would keep the creatine add whey and just spend the rest of your/the money on solid food.

Once you get (or if you have already) have a well established meal plan then I would suggest other supplements. If not, don't waste your money please.

Also you're 19 and do not need testosterone booster such as the one you listed that you are taking now. I've been there and done that. Wish I can get my $80 back.


Thanks a lot for the responses guys. I've been trying to eat as much as I can (4000+ calories, 200+ g protein is the goal) but being a busy college student makes it difficult. Obviously that's not a legitimate excuse if I want to take this seriously, but that is my main issue at this point.

Thanks again for the information and opinions!


I'll second (or third) what the others have said.

you dont need some over priced pre workout supplement. You're incredibly thin and need a lot more food. I doubt you are eating 4,000 plus calories a day. Are you keeping a food log? If not then you should start.

as far as supplements are concerned, get a good protein supp and creatine. You could look into a good multivitamin and fish oils if you have extra money as well.

Oh and like you said, being a "busy college student" isnt an excuse for not doing the things you should be doing (assuming you are serious/semi serious about getting a better body)