Which supplements (BIOTEST ONLY) should I buy first?

Wassup all. I’m new to the game of HARD-TO-THE-CORE T-Mag lifestyle. Right now I’m a kinda big, 5’8 215 lbs. big. I’ve been working out for a few months and wanted to ‘Jack up’ my gains. I think I’m hovering in the 20% BF area and I’m not really sure how to MORPH into a new body. I was thinking of getting some A-sol, MD6 and I already got a bottle of T2. Which supps should I get first??? My main concern is dropping my BF % to under 10%. I don’t need to be a BB, I’m okay with making girls wet when then my ripped up body. Help anyone. Should I get Tribex before A-sol??? I’m not fat when I look in the mirror, kinda more rounded then I’d like though.

Check out this article: Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION That should help you decide.

Obviously, you should focus on diet before you focus on supplements. So what kind of diet will you use? Read this: Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION (Look for a updated version of this article in the upcoming paper issue of T-mag.)

I’d recommend controlling carbs as the first step, so supplement-wise, some low carb protein like Advanced Protein would come in handy and make the diet easy. Then MD6 and T2 would be the next step. Just make sure you’ve got the food aspect in order first. Light dose Androsol during the diet or using Methoxy-7 would help you retain lean muscle.

Besides diet, tell us what kind of training you’ll be doing and we’ll be glad to help you out.

dude, your 215lbs at only 5’8, and have only been lifting for “a few months”, i’m finding that hard to beleive my friend. thats pretty freaking huge at that height. it takes alot longer than that, to get that kinda size. unless of course you have greg kovacs genetics.

hey guy. i was in the same boat as you before. only i was about 6 foot 235lbs. with about 20% bf. Anyhow that was about 2 years ago. best thing you can do before you go about tring to inprove you body with suppliments is improve it with diet first. it will then give you a platform to build a better physic on. Not only that you will learn to understand the importance of eating right. if you don’t eat right, all of the best suppliments in the world won’t do jack for you. first try to tear off some of the body fat…set a realalistic goal in 6 months or whatever. good luck.

I understand your situation. At 6’1", I’ve gone from 268 lbs. 30-35% bf to 210 lbs. 10-11% bf in less than a year . If you stick to it, you can get there. I have diabetes so it was even harder to lose the fat than most people so you can do it with a little will power. I read as much information as I could from this web site. I first started with changing my diet and cardio. I know that most are against a lot of cardio, but I started out running and walking in the morning before eating. I would run and then walk and then run making a mental note of where I changed from running to walking and then running again. I gradually replaced the places that I walked with running until I could run the complete circuit. From there I started adding distance and hills. The running really improved my endurance and dropped the fat quickly. After I dropped a lot of the fat, then I found the stamina and will power for weight lifting. I really wanted to work with free weights, but was very intimidated at first. Thanks to this web site I got the inspiration and information I needed.

In reply to your question about whether to get Tribex or A-sol, I’d opt for the Androsol. From the tone of your post, it sounds like you’re fairly young (mid-20s or younger), and so Tribex wouldn’t have as much of an effect as it would on an older guy. However, the other (above) advice takes precedence: get your diet right before spending money on supps.

I would forget about the T2 and androsol for now, and concentrate on nutrition. Read up on the various diets (search for ‘Diet Manifesto’.
Maybe take Advanced Protein to make dieting easier, and MD6 for a stimulant/fat burner.

Once your diet is in order(probably the most important) I’d use MD6 and methoxy-7.Use the max. you can tolerate of MD6 and the max. dose of methoxy.The big problem with this is the cost of methoxy–but I had great success with this stack(hopefully Biotest will come out with their new version of methoxy–hydroxy whatever which is supposed to be more cost efficient)

personally, id rather be huge and powerful, with some bodyfat, than be only 195lbs and ripped. first, you look way bigger in clothes, 2nd, your strengh is usually much greater. But i know alot of guys here are so concerned with bodyfat levels and having a six pack. ive seen guys with six packs, they look good without a shirt on, but put a shirt on these dudes, and you can hardly tell they work out. thats not what i’m looking for. i guess we are all working out for different reasons. mine is to be freaky huge and powerfull, without an overly neurotic concern for bodyfat. most guys i know, lift for attention, and i’ll tell you, when u walk into a bar or club, the big massive guy is going to get the most attention and respect, even if he has a little gut. when he has 20-21 inch arms, a little gut is hardly a sacrifice. But thats just me, i’m sure others disagree with me and thats fine. but if guys wanna be huge and powerfull and look like real lifters or look like slightly bigger versions of swimmers is up to them.

Thanks for all the advice peoples.
Conan, I don’t see my self as Freaky-Huge just bigger than everyone else. In regards to how big I was before training and what type of training I was doing, just the basics. Incline Presses, rows, dips, mostly upper-body stuff. I’m just doing negatives on the Gymnast Back workout, my arms/grip give out fairly quick. My legs are where I think I store most of my BF, my gut too. I’m almost certain its Genetics. Everyone in my family has either a small gut or big legs, not nasty-big just big. I wanted to start a GVT 2000 cycle to burn fat and I’ll read up a bit more on German bodycomp. Like most of us here I want to lose the Fat like NOW!!! I hate it!!! When people poke me or grab bits of blubb, I feel like killing them. Should I jump into a Ian King leg workout or should I start off with basic leg stuff… I’m not really sure how to train my legs to burn fat and build muscle. Any advice on killer leg workouts, I want to try the white-man-can-jump workout by King. Would it be a good idea to do the Fat Fast to melt the large parts of fat off and then clean up my diet after??? Like I said before I want to make a HUGE change to my body QUICKTIME and maintain it all after. For me, getting big is easy - Endo-MesoMORPH body type I think. I built muscle even when protein is low, but always have problem with the BF issue.Thanks again to all of you.