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Which Supplement To Begin?


Hey all
This is my first post on here after lurking around for the past month or so. I've been working out for about a year now, with lots of breaks due to some major back injuries with the tail of plane falling on me. But anyways I am finally feeling great again and really want to hit the gym hard, and have a program that was working well for me before the injury.

I eat a good diet of about 7 or 8 meals with about 5000 calories a day. What I would like to add though, is a supplement, reading everything on them I am getting a little lost. I am looking to build strength more then anything else. My weight is high as I am 6'0 260lbs and about 30% BF. So really if I could get my strength up and the BF down I would very happy. Any advice on a supplement to help do this would be appreciated. Thankx


Cardio, drop the cals some, and HOT-ROX.


Thankx B-Mac. I already do the cardio and the cal's I try and cut them down, but then I start to feel rundown and have a lack of energy and concentration.

So still trying to figure out how to work that in. But I am going to be trying the HOT-ROX and see how that will work for me. If there is anything anyone can suggest for cutting cal's out while being able to keep up the energy and concentration levels I would greatly appreciate hearing about. Thankx


Hmm. When you say you "drop the cals" what kind of drop are you implying? I mean, anyone who starves themself is going to feel tired and so on.

On the flip side, if you are working hard to reduce fat, it doesn't have to feel good or be overly fun. It it did, everyone could do it anytime they wanted to.

HOT-ROX is certainly a supplement to consider, given your stated BF%, as long as you are able to reduce your calories somewhat.

You can also change your routine while cutting to do less volume, perhaps heavier but lower rep lifting.

Are you getting your Omega-3's?


By dropping cal's I just mean lowering the amount that I take in over the day. And to be honest the sluggishness is something I can deal with, just push through it because I know its something once I get my body to a good place will go away. Its just getting to that point my ocncentrtion issuses causes my problems at work. Seeing that I fix airplanes I need to be able to focus on exactly what I am doing and if I cant and mess up its not just my ass it could be other peoples lives.

So if there was a way to cut some calories out of my diet while still keeping my concentration levels, it would be a wonderful thing. And as for Omega-3 no I havent been taking any, I didnt relize that they had an effect on what I am working towards. Thankx for the advice


I'm down about 80lbs from where I was almost two years ago, when I was at about 30 percent body fat. I had the problems with sliggishness and concentration too, and also needed to have my head in my work.

I just drank a lot of caffine to counteract the sluggishness and poor concentration. It does work well, however now I am weening myself off of caffine and it is not an easy task as I was drinking a solid 12 pack of diet coke every day. The caffine addiction thing is something to consider, or at least keep in check if you decide to go that route.


Did you try Spike at all? Would work in this case? I know you shouldn't combine HOT-ROX with Spike, though. If Spike can clear the sluggish feeling, that could lead to better workouts and greater calories burned. Just a thought.


Maybe if you post an example of your typical diet, we could suggest a way to reduce the calories moderately without leaving you feeling sluggish...


I know you said already that you want to use a supplement, but in my opinion you are at a point where you could lose quite a bit of fat just by cleaning up your diet and getting some more high intensity cardio in each week.

I personally would save the HOT-ROX for when you have hit a wall or plateau in your fat-loss. This way you could drop your kcal a bit to promote some weight loss and if the slugishness/fatigue was a problem you could (as someone above mentioned) try Spike. It is wonderful at keeping you up/alert/focused.


lose the soda even if it is diet, and get some Spike, my local gnc sells it, it will help with weight loss because you wont be hungry as often and also you will have all kind of focus,

]im not sure if is a mental thing or a physical thing but either way Spike works.


well basicly my diet doesnt change too much day to day. And this is how it basicly how it breaks down....also my eating times are always varying because I work rotating shift work each week:
protien shake with 1 cup frozen fruit and 1 litre skim milk

2 pieces of fruit

leftover supper from the night before normally, steak, chicken or pasta dish..with the steak or chicken normally rice or baked potato

piece of fruit and can of tuna or salmon

same choices as lunch basicly, I toss in burgers every now and then for a taste change

piece of fruit

Also after workouts I have a second protien shake, with only 1 cup of skim milk.

now I dont really know how large of servings I am having, so right now I am just trying to cut down on the serving size and see where that leads me.