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Which Supp Is This?

A friend of mine stated that in the past, he’d taken a supplement that would convert all of the food you took to muscle mass. However, you could only use it for a short amount of time before it lost it’s effectiveness. He also said that it’s not a steroid.

Any ideas?

Yeah, that is the BS supplement.

It could be anything. But your friend is probably a bullshitter, like many.

It’s called Snake Oil

Will all so remove most stains, cures cancer and will once a month aline the stars…

I keep mine right next to the perpetual motion machine and my never ending gobstopper
(got that from Mr. Wonka him self)

Unless your friend is huuuugggee, he’s likely pulling your leg. If he is huuuugggee, he is still pulling your leg, and laughing at you too.

Was it sprinkled with fairy dust?