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Which Sugar is Best?


I think I just have them mixed up in my head so I'll ask.

Which sugar is best for peri working and/or post workout?

glucose, dextrose, fructose or something else?

My mind is drawing a blank.


malto+dextrose or WMS
dextrose and glucose are quite similar though


I read some where Palatinose maybe best peri workout. PWO I like malto/dex 50/50.


thanks so far guys, anyone else care to chime in? :: Bill Roberts-cough-cough ::


I go 50/50 malto/dex and I am liking it thus far....


most people recommend 50/50 mix of malto and dex, but for some reason, i can vaguely recall hearing from somewhere that dex is slightly better

if this is correct, can someone please explain?



The combination I believe produces a bigger insulin response than dex or malto alone.


Dextrose is glucose.

Maltodextrin, when there are no fats in the meal, is almost as fast as glucose and it may be preferred to have some so as to avoid extreme sweetness and to make the solution less concentrated (in terms of molecules per liter, as one maltodextrin molecule takes the place of many glucose molecules.)

A little fructose is fine as well. You don't want a lot of it though. I don't know the optimum amount, but certainly would consider more than say 25 g to be a lot (and being fairly close to that to be quite a bit and potentially more than optimal, but also maybe not, I dunno.)


Dextrose is aka D-Glucose...also...

There is a pretty good discussion about this very subject here:


Some weird website called "T-Nation"...whatever that means :slight_smile:


I vote sweet tarts and 100% grape juice.


Was just about to post that


Thanks Bill; and everyone else.