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Which Steroids are Not "as" Harmful for Kidneys?

Hello all, I am a steroid lover who has chronic kidney stones. so basically, my kidneys are pretty weak. when i took dbol they were screaming with pain starting on day 2! so, i don’t take orals, unless there is a kidney safe oral–is there?

i know primo is the safest roid. what other options are there? i dont like the idea of using deca because i dont want to lose more hair.

i know tren is harmful for the kidneys.

i recently read that rad 140 and lgd have been reported to cause kidney damage as well.

so please let me know what my other options are. i am more into slow steady gains. but definitely i want to pack on muscle. i have been developing my muscle structure for nearly two years, since i started testosterone enanthate which i have taken weekly without stopping as trt.

looking forward to your ideas.

Maybe cortisone topical cream :slight_smile:
It may sound sarcastic but there may be a message there for you.

but it is clear that i am looking for advice, not a warning. i think i was very clear about my understanding of the dangers and of my condition. can’t say thanks for nothing, bro.

You don’t want to lose your hair, and you have damaged kidneys. Any advice other than “stay away from anabolic steroids” for cosmetic reasons would be borderline criminal.


thank you for your opinion. please go away now.

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I think risk vs reward should be strongly considered with AAS. That being said, some are going to skew towards risk. I think test is probably the best for kidneys, but it is a lesser of many evils type of thing.

Many gym rats like to make things more complicated than they need to. Trt with a test only blast occasionally will yield good results, but most won’t be high level with this strategy. They will be healthier though.

I don’t have much desire to be larger than my genetic potential while on trt (different than genetic limit totally natty). I have probably a bit above average genetics, so I’m okay with that. I’m using some blasts to get to that point. It wouldn’t make sense to use really high doses of harsh compounds to get there when time and hard work with trt and a few mild blasts can do the job.

i am thinking a lot about this, and you said it to me a few days ago. and other say the same. and it makes sense.

i don’t want to be like a cartoon or monster. i dont want to be unhealthy with that level of muscle mass. i am just looking for a beach body level of muscle mass. and i guess just doing trt blasts up to maybe 600mg is where it is at for me. thanks

but i wonder about other compounds. like primo, or masteron or winstrol. im not too familiar with these peds

risk v reward is always on my mind, for peds and many other decisions i make in my life. it’s a great binary for decision making.

Fair enough.
But any increase in BP will not be favourable for OP (through aldosterone).
Nephrotoxicity is not necessarily the only issue.

if you are so smart, offer a convincing logic–change my mind. cause me to think. when you teach a child do you just tell the child what to do or do you explain the logic behind your direction? do you think i am just going to say, ok, seeing you told me not to, i won’t do it anymore. never talked to you before in my life but suddenly i am going to take your word as gospel. c’mon dude. get real

That is achievable with this protocol. I’m doing 600 mg/wk right now. See where this takes you over a year or two. See if you can maintain gains while on just trt. If you can’t, I think that’s the spot to stop. Health is important, and it takes a lot more gear to be that 15 lbs past that point.

They have their use, but as far as muscle and conditioning they are polishing drugs. Great for stepping on stage. No water retention, grainy look.

IMO, one of the cheapest things one can do if using AAS is buying a bp monitor. High BP is a serious danger. If one goes into the high BP territory it is worth it to bail on the cycle.

I think bp can be as important as blood work while on cycle, and is much easier and cheaper to measure. Bp is a good measure of how hard your heart is working. Blood work is also important. I’m not saying do this over blood work. Just that it is super simple and a really good indicator of the stress you are putting your body through.

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You can do this off proper training and nutrition while on TRT

Are you a child? If so, you shouldn’t be using PEDs


Do you think I’m a child? If so, I guess you cannot comprehend what I wrote. Maybe you should go back to school if this is the case.

I do both blood work and I own a BP monitor. My BP is normal. I get blood work every two weeks to 1 month. i have done maybe 15 test in the last 2 years, more in the last 6 months than earlier. I can’t imagine doing these drugs without know how they are effecting me internally.

I comprehend what you wrote. But if you need to be spoken to like a child because “there’s an inherent risk no matter what you take” didn’t cut it, then you have no business using PEDs

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still doesn’t seem like you understand.

I dont think you understand either. Try reading this slowly again:

you are not contributing to this thread. you are just being negative. please go away. thanks

Serious question, how old are you?

The “tough love” method doesn’t always work out when attempting to deter one from making potentially risky decisions. People don’t like to feel as if they’re being spoken down to. If they do feel this way they may become defensive and/or tune out. It’s probably best to factually present information in an informative and honest context, leaving the reader to decide how to implement advice given.

@researchdudepart2 Having repeated bouts of kidney stones is associated with an increased overall risk for the development of chronic kidney disease. Anabolic steroids have been implicated within regards to inducing renal dysfunction and/or ultimately failure through a myriad of mechanisms. Hypertension mediated kidney damage (RAAS dysregulation induced via AAS, sympathetic nervous system up regulation) and direct AR binding are both likely culpable for renal pathology seen in AAS users. Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis is seen amongst AAS users (prolonged high dosages over a long period of time and/or those with bad genes). It’s about cumulative risk, testosterone itself may be less nephrotoxic compared to c17-aa orals and/or harsh drugs like trenbolone, but fluid/electrolyte retention, systemic vasoconstriction (RAAS mediated) and subsequent hypertension, oxidative stress etc still come into play.

At the end of the day, it would be inadvisable to use as risk/reward is likely skewed more towards risk for you.

c17-aa absolutely stay away


The development of kidney disease is also associated with an increased risk for heart disease… chronic AAS users already statistically have around a 3-5 fold risk for heart disease compared to the average individual.

Btw 600mg is a higher dose than most give it credit for. For many this equates to 6x natural physiology, there’s a very good chance you don’t need prologed cycles of 600mg/wk to get where you need to be.

None of these drugs are “safe” in the context of chronic use, even healthy people can encounter serious complications down the line.

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that’s not the case with me. what i like, is for someone to support an opinion with reasons instead of just saying, “don’t be an idiot”. only an idiot would follow directions like that without asking why. it’s ok to call me an idiot, just back that shit up with some real information. otherwise i just think the person is an idiot.

yeah, this is more like it.

i am aware of this.

i can read too.

now we are getting somewhere.

getting warmer.

finally something is said by you that i can sink my teeth into. look, i am not at this level of terminology (i am only in my 2nd year of lightly studying how all this stuff works, especially the endocrine system and the renal system.

what does electrolytes have to do with kidney problems? never read this before. will have to look up what systemic vasoconstriction is. i am aware of the other items on your list.

after reading what i wrote, it is quite clear that i am aware of my risks and i am pushing forward as carefully as i can. so i appreciate people who take the time to consider my situation and apply good reasoning for their opinions. otherwise there is no point in writing in this thread. this thread might be helpful for other people with similar issues as myself. to just say, don’t be an idiot and take steroids is actually causing more harm than good because it shuts down the convo and defeats the purpose of my question.

ok, thanks

my heart is ok right now. also i am taking preventive measures, such as: omega 3, eating salmon, bpc 157, and taking vitamin k2.

i will think about this further. thank you for suggesting caution.

overall, thank you for your input.