Which Steroids Affect the Heart?

hey guys, I was looking at the statistics and from what I see, most guys in this world die from a heart condition. It is always said that the subject had a “previous heart disease” which never is true, it is just that some roids affect and enlarge the heart. My question is, do you have a ranking of the roids in how bad are they for the heart? from your experience and from what you have heard. My two cents: caber, tren and deca are all linked to heart problems.

There is a research paper out there in which they looked at heart characteristics in long time steroid users I think all were over 10 years of use. They did not break every drug down, but have doses as the equivalent dose in testosterone. So something like 100 mg of tren a week would be counted as 500 mg of test for example. They broke the subjects use down into average dose per week. Then compared stuff like left ventricle hypertrophy vs dose. There existed a dose response relationship. Basically the more use the more negative impact on the heart.

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well man, that is exactly what I was looking for. Do you have the link to it? or the conclusions? I appreciate your reply

There are a few studies on the subject. The one I was thinking of involved heavy duty users. They averaged around 675 mg/wk of testosterone for over 10 years. I am not able without looking for a while to find that exact one. This one is pretty good though.

I haven’t read the study in much detail, but there seem to be plenty of steroid users in the study that also drink, smoke and use cocaine as well. I bet that will skew the conclusion.

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They all affect the heart. The obvious conclusion would be that it’s dose related. Anything that builds muscle, it would follow, affects muscle, and so affect the heart. The more you use, the bigger effect. Is it going to kill you? It’s individual response both to androgens in general and androgens in specific. Users that die, typically are pegged as “Congenital heart defect”, which would mean - by definition - that it was from birth. Yeah, and the Tooth Fairy is real. High dose use is a gamble, with increasingly lousy odds the longer it goes and the higher the doses. Life is a trade off. That’s why less is more. Are you doing something that makes the shorter overall lifespan worth it? If not, then maybe you need less than you take. Most guys don’t worry about long term though.


very insightful text mate :ok_hand: