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Which Steroid is Good for Stamina/Strength/Muscularity?

my first cycle was winstrol solo almost for increase stamina
I dont get really become big guy
im just focus on my strength and stamina(and a little muscle too :smiley: )
my bench press : 70 KG 5 reps (barbell standards include the weight of the bar, normally 20 kg
squat : 100 kg max rep (these barbell standards include the weight of the bar, normally 20 kg)
dips : extra weight : 15 kg 12 reps / body weight only 50 reps
deadlift 110 kg 3 reps
Im 60 kg
171 cm height
22 years old

which steroid could help me to increase my stamina/ strengh/ muscularity

Turinabol. If it was good enough for East German Olympians, it’s good enough for you. Take a look at it (read a lot) and see if it fits your needs.

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22 seems on the young side to start taking gear, but if that’s what you want as said above tbol is a good drug with few sides would you be running a test base?

yeah i think thats good idead
test E + tbol
good stack?
or maybe winstrol + tbol? anavar+tbol?
whitch one?

Test should always be the base. Test and tbol sounds about right.

You will make great gains on a test tbol cycle

My vote goes for test only. 500mg per week. I’m willing to bet you can get what you want from test and test only. Nothing beats it.


Why should test always be the base? I hear this bro-science regurgitated on every forum, please keep it off T-Nation.

There is no reason why test should be a base for EVERY cycle. With a cycle consisting of non-aromatising steroids, low-dose Dbol is enough for Oestrogen or some EQ.

You must realise that every body is different, some people love test, others feel shit on it. Just because it worked for you does not mean it will work for everyone.



It’s not bro science and I’m sure you could find a 1% situation if you look to every comment. Absent of test you are likely to have libido and mood issues running any compound for a moderate amount of time.

Did you read my post?

All that is required in a cycle is a replacement of Oestrogen, this can be achieved by using compounds other than test that aromatise. You could argue that Dbol would give better results in terms of enhancing mood and libido than test.

So yes, test as a base for every cycle is bro-science.


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yes that’s a common practice… wait no. Keep spitting bad advice like back filling syringes.

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Whats wrong with back-filling syringes if sterility is maintained? Clearly you cannot maintain a sterile environment while injecting if back-filling is an issue for you.



Chicken, beef, steak, fish, rice, sweet potatoes are all really good anabolic compounds that, in all honesty, you should’ve started with.


I think I understand what you are saying. Stay away from bro-science? Can you tell me where you got your degree or where you read the studies for what you base your opinions on?

So you are saying follow your Bro science but not other Bro’s Science? What if I have a lot of Bro’s?

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Tough love time: You’re weak as shit by the standards of serious lifting on these boards and underweight by any athletic standard. To be ‘too big’ guy you would have to put on like 50lbs minimum. basically a milion miles from needing gear.

Do this below and run through a bunch of other programs off this site over the next year…

Diet: eat a truck load of protein


I second @RampantBadger

I know nothing about steroids but you’re weak and small.

I believe Dave Tate said steroids should be the last thing you add in. Milk everything you can out of what you’re doing right now, meaning your workouts and diet, before starting steroids.

So many people have made progress from working hard, eating smart, and recovering well, that I don’t know why’d you spend money on something you don’t need.

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You are the bro scientist here my friend, T is king.
Anything you take that shuts your natural T production down will F you up.

I pack fill syringes JUUUUST before I inject, because otherwise it’s hard to determine exact doses of primoteston (as they’re pre-filled, unmarked syringes)

Adequate androgenic stimulation is also required for optimal sense of wellbeing, DBOL in theory actually might work (however still terrible idea for solo cycle), DBOL itself isn’t very androgenic however it’s 5a reduced metabolite (methyl-1-testosterone) is quite androgenic… and toxic.

I agree the test base is brosciency to some extent, however it’s still reccomended as most AAS people use are unsuitable to be used without testosterone (to provide adequate estrogen and androgen replacment). Nandrolone (not androgenic or estrogenic enough), boldenone (not androgenic enough), drostanolone (no aromatization), methenolone (no aromatization) etc just don’t cut it. I will say this, interestingly enough, fluoxymesterone (HALOTESTIN: an extrordilarily androgenic, yet non aromatizing AAS has and is still FDA approved for treatment of male hypogonadism)

Also different AAS have complex effects on various neurotransmitters (many compounds are relatively untested on humans, thus we don’t know the effects) testosterone is known to increase dopamine and serotonin, 19-nors decrease seratonin and deplete dopamine, thus 7a-methyl-19 nortestosterone is likely not the greatest candidate for TRT. What effect does androgenic and mysteriously supposedly estrogenic compound like oxymetholone have with regard to affects on neurotransmitters?

What are your thoughts on trest aka MENT? I’d love to hear your big brain opinion on it. I’ve read extensively but still can’t wrap my head around an opinion of it.

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