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Which Steroid Book is Best?

Could you please give your recomendations on what the best current steroid books are? The last one I had was Phillip’s Anabolic Reference Guide, so I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Also if you’ve got it, maybe paste in a link.

Until recently I would have said Anabolics 2004-compared to everything else that I have seen it contained the best info per drug. Much better than the 2002 version-I still reference it regularly. However William Llewelyn is Very conservative, and does not put a lot of thought into the cycle construction end of things. Still one of the best books I have seen if you want the basics.

Recently I purchased CME (Chemical Muscle Enhancement) by Author L Rhea (pen name). Much less discussion about counterfitting and such-but a good deal more advanced and real world from an advanced user standpoint. Last week I picked up Building the Perfect Beast (same author)-the sequal to CME. All I can say is DAMN! The only guy I have seen more psycho was Paul Borrenson (who’s book I also own). Except this time is less about Just megadosing and more about the crazy synergy that can be created by manipulating the body chemistry from All Angles. There are things in this book that about made me piss my pants-like stacking DNP with Insulin, and gaining huge quantity of muscle/without dying!?!

This book is bleeding edge-but you must have read CME first. With this guy you will run into things you have never heard of before. BtPB is Not for a novice by any stretch-but at the same time really makes you think about what you are doing long term. Also the author is a 270+ lean short guy with access to cooperative labs, doctors, and athletes-this ain’t theory it is BB at the Pro level.

Thanks for your input, it’s really appreciated; I’ve been out of the loop for a while so I needed an update!