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Which Stack Should I Go With?

soon to be in a cutting phase, which would be better to go with Alpha Male and HOT-ROX Extreme…or bcaa’s and HOT-ROX Extreme…24 years old(if that makes any difference or not)

at 24 I really doubt you need Alpha Male…

HOT-ROX are great, and BCAA’s are not a bad idea to limit muscle loss during the phase but if your playing it smart with HOT-ROX and fish oil you probably don’t need them but extra insurance is always nice.

I’d go for HOT-ROX and fish oil.
What else are you planning on doing to shred up?
A mate of mine wanted to loose weight so i pointed out some products like HOT-ROX. He ate the same, would occasionally go for a run and every now and then use some spring thing he had in his room along with some push ups. Only thing that got lighter was his wallet and he couldn’t figure out why.

good stuff, yea i know putting in the extra effort his a must