Which Stack is Better? Any Insights Appreciated

First time poster for TNation. I have been Crossfitting 5-6 times a week for 2 years. The last 2 months i have been hitting the gym pretty hard while doing atleast 30-1hour cardio a day.

My current stats:
23 y/o male
215 Pounds

Here are two stacks I am highly considering of trying. My number one goal for this stack is to get shredded and burn off fat while keeping my gains. Yes i understand cardio and dieting is how to do it. My cardio and dieting will be on point so no worries there. I am very open to new ideas and options so feel free to throw anything out there you think would work well in addition.

Going to try to average 1-2 hours cardio a day plus 1 hour lifting

Stack 1:
Test Prop (1-14)- 100mg EOD
Winny (1-6 Break week 7+8 then finish 6-14)- 50mg ED oral
PCT please advise suggestions

Stack 2:
Weeks 1-10 100mg Test Prop100 EOD
Weeks 1-10 100mg Tren Acetate EOD (or Tren Enthan 200mgEOD Please advise)
Weeks 4-10 Winny 50mg inj ED
PCT please advise suggestions

Thank you guys for reading. I like the second stack but I’ve read Tren can mess you up so insights are appreciated!

tren’ll kill your cardio.

Just do the usual beginner cycle of half a gram of test E for 12 weeks. Add the winny at the end if you want

Like said above, Tren will destroy cardio. Also if you run winny then bye bye crossfit cause your joints will make it hard to pickup a twenty dollar bill of the ground. Prop might be painful so keep that in mind as well since your activity involves a lot of movement. I would suggest something simple like:

Wk 1-10
250-400mg/wk Test E

This dose will help you retain muscle as well as cut down significantly. Trust me with all the cardio you don’t mind doing apparently, you’ll love this cycle. Maybe add Winny at the end but I really think you’ll regret it as well as Tren.

Look into standard PCT protocols cause you might learn a lot more than me just telling you how to run your PCT. Good luck.