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Which Squat Stance is Best for Speed/Power?


I plan on going out for football this coming spring, and am now starting to bulk up/get into shape for football. I realize that the squat is the king of all leg exercises, but I am confused on which variation would be most benificial in terms of adding mass, power, and most importantly speed, while still keeping me limber and agile. I know that the Narrow Olympic Squat is more Quad oreinted, while the Wide Powerlifting Squat is more Glute, Hamstring Oriented. I'm leaning towards the Wide Squat variation becuase of how important the glutes/Hams are for speed, but am not 100% sure. Although one concern I have about the Wide Squat is whether or not it will effect my agility and flexibility? Because those two things are very important to me.

Any additional tips, information, articles to reference, as well as any other exercises I should implement into my training would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.


There is no reason you cannot get stronger on all three. In fact, the conjugate system (Westside-type protocol)would have you do other exercises as well such as good mornings and forms of DL-ing.

Do not limit yourself to any type of squat or to only squats in general.

I have gotten remarkable increases in speed with sled dragging sprints done twice per week 3x30 meters.


Submaximal weights lifted explosively is best for speed (e.g. box squats, speed pull, Oly lifts); not a certain squat stance.


Don't limit yourself to one stance, let alone one version of the squat. If you are proficient and practiced in a few you will find the mass that you do build to be more useful to you as football requires that you change directions and play on varying surfaces. Training one stance or squat version might well limit your performance, not terribly - but the same time and effort put into varied squat forms would probably pay more dividends.


close stance, altering depths between full and parallel.

wide stance squats that are gear preferential are not power squats. power squats are just another way to say parallel squat. oly squat is another way to say full squat. many say that in power squats you sit farther back than in oly squat, but that's wrong. the difference is only in depth and the factors that includes. although, some people full squat improperly by not sitting back as they descend, oly lifters dont.

FYI, wide stance stuff shouldn't be applied to non-equipped lifters. dont get me wrong, they can help, but they will not exceed normal stance and mainly originated for maximizing gear.

basically, im saying to do close stance stuff, and learn from there.


according to Dan John, oly lifting and overhead squats are great exercises for football, read his book, it's free