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Which Squat Rack?

I’m trying to decide on which power rack/cage to buy, and I’m looking at three:
$299 power cage

$259 power rack

$349 power rack

To be honest, after looking them over online, I can’t really tell what the big difference is between them. I realize the power cage is short and doesn’t have a chinup bar, but why is it $299 and one of their other racks $259? Seems counter-intuitive.

If anyone could give me some advice, I’d be very grateful.

I just ordered this one last week:


$299 ($348 with shipping)

have you received it yet? Why did you choose this one over the ones at, say, new york barbell?

Just curious. Nice looking rack, tho…

  1. Price
  2. It seemed to be sturdy enough for what I’m capable of inflicting on it (claims to support 1500 lbs)
  3. It came with the dip bars (don’t know how useful they’ll be, though)

Walmart.com sells a one for $138

Yeah, I noticed the walmart one before, but someone else on here called and asked how much weight it supported, and they told him 200 or 300 lbs.

The $349 power rack from new york barbells also has the dip attachment, etc, but supports the addition of a lat-pulldown (although I wouldn’t be getting that for another year or two). They claim only 1000 lbs for theirs, but I doubt I’ll ever need that much. NYB also has free shipping, so it seems like a comparable deal to what you got at bigfitness. Ah, the agony of choice!

It took me a long time to finally bite the bullet and just order one. The one I got seems just a bit bigger than the New York Barbells one, but the NYB one comes with the plate holders free. As long as it keeps me from killing myself in the garage some night while I’m home alone, I guess I’ll be satisfied.

I’d also go with the Powertec rack.

Why’s that, Ceaze? Since I’m not that educated on the subject, please let me know if there are brand/quality issues I should be aware of.


One main difference appears to be the size of steel to construct it (and amount of bracing, perhaps- look closely at the designs) which relates to wt capacity. As a mechanical engineer, that jumps out first. The other thing I noticed (aside from all the accessories mentioned before) is the inside space of the cage.

3" X 3" X 1/8" Steel Tube Construction–1000 lb. Capacity.
30" from front to rear post (inside)

Doesnt say steel size or wt capacity.
26" Distance between Posts.

Heavy Duty 2 1/2" Sq. Tube Construction–1000 lb. Load Capacity.
26" Distance between Posts

Looking at these factors (and appearence) it appears that the $259 is not built with quite the same steel as the others and has no load capacity listed, which leads me to believe it has a lower capacity. Just how low, I dont know. But do you really need a 1000lb capacity?

Not sure if this is what you’re looking for but I just bought this: (see link - click on “safety squat rack”))


I also have a power rack but I prefer this becausue it doesnt take up so much space and can easily go with me if I move house. As far as I’m concerned it does everything that a power rack does (althought theres no chin bar), its completely portable, you dont have to build it, and to quote the guy who builds them “it’ll take any weight you can put on it”. Having seen the construction of it, I’d say he’s right.


will-of-iron, looks good, but I’m sure shipping to US would suck.

Da Man: thanks for the analysis. I’m thinking I’ll go with the NYB $349 model, since I can put a lat pulldown on it later.

Unless, of course, someone has a compelling reason why I should buy the powertec.

I just purchased the Weider? C670 at Sam’s. I know that it has Weider on it, but it wasn’t bad for $430.00. It came with what is pictured and 245Lbs./7ft. olympic bar. It’s a bitch to put together.

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That is exactly what I wanted, but Sams ran out down here and their website didn’t have it either. The weider website didn’ t have it either.

No prob, glad I could help.
Taking another look at them, the $259 model looks EXACTLY like the cages at OU. Those cages were sturdy-not world class, but sturdy- but I can?t say for sure if they are indeed the same ones.
I don?t know if you noticed, but the $349 model w/ the expandability for lat pulldown is the same frame as the $259 model. Is your reason for purchasing it its expandability?

that is awesome, SG! do you know what the weight capacity is?

add to last post-
The powertec looks to be the exact same frame as the nyb, just painted a different color. look very closely at it…

doogie: samsclub has it online. It’s $630 or so, shipping included.

da man: I also liked the chin bars and dip attachments for the $349 model. But yeah, expandability was one of my reasons, as well.

The Weight limits are not as high as I would have liked, but for a home gym it is OK.

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