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Which Sports are the Most Watched Worldwide


Which sport excites the most people worldwide? Which sport is considered by the majority of humanity to be exciting to watch? Which is the most watched?


Soccer AKA Futbol AKA Football

/thread forever


Most watched sport worldwide, I'm guessing it's soccer, but IMO its not exciting.


But it excites more people than any other sport in existence despite your opinion of it not being exciting?

What sport do you consider exciting, and does it excite more people than soccer?


Soccer is shit! so god damn boring i would rather watch badminton!
Aussie rules is definatly the most exciting to watch


And yet soccer is 100X more watched and excites 100X more people. Funny how it all works out in the end.


So, why the fuck did you start this thread again? Was it to bait people so you could argue how great you think soccer is?


No, soccer sucks, I have trouble understand why its more watched than other superior sports. Clearly, a inferior sport should be watched by non one (soccer is inferior), yet for some bizzare reason soccer is more watched than REAL sports like NFL football.


And also soccer players fall down in fake agony pretending they are hurt like PUSSIES AND WOMEN!




Good point. I hate how women always fall down in fake agony and shit. So annoying.




DING DING DING. How's it feel to be bait? :slight_smile:


I feel so used...and I smell bad too.


22 men running down a big field for more than 90 minutes and sometimes THEY DON'T EVEN SCORE A GOAL.


Just like most sports, they're much more exciting when your favourite team is playing. If it's just a match between two random high schools then I'd rather watch table tennis. And oh yeah, bring your arguments to youtube. You'll get much more "intellectual" responses from both sides.


fuck the haters...SOCCER>porn....sometimes


well in their defense they usually collide or fall a few times.


All that shit and a final score of something like 2 to 1. I got into trouble once referring to soccer as a "girl's sport" with one of the other dads on my son's lacrosse team. His son played all the time as well as doing lacrosse. To me, the soccer "season" was endless and they played in ANY weather, rain, snow, cold, hot. Plus this guy's wife was a 5-star drunk, so maybe he was a little edgy by nature of his ucked-fay home life.



Or play with eachothers dicks..

It's true, I saw it!