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Which Sport is Most Entertaining?


I think it would be football. Just look at how the Super Bowl is watched by a billion people worldwide (900 million people outside the USA). What sport do you think is considered entertaining by the greatest amount of people worldwide? Football? Basketball? Baseball??







Why are you so obsessed with sports?

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Definitely American Football. Go to any far flung loser country whose main exports are tumbleweeds and blowing dirt, find some random kid breaking bricks into dust for 2 Furqalis an hour and ask him who is hero is. "Peyton Manning" will be his answer...ALWAYS. The reason football (or as I like to call it, "freedomball") is so popular is that it allows the viewer to elevate beyond their pathetic station in life, if only for a few hours.

You could be living in a mud hut in Malawi, subsisting on tree grubs and sap for the Johobo plant, but watching a game of football will allow you to say "this...THIS is what is deficient from my sorrowful existence! If only I had access to the nutrients to allow me to be 235 pounds ripped and running a 4.4 40, and if only my feeble brain could digest even a fraction of the elegant rules of the game...THEN I might be a demi-god like Peyton Manning...instead of grinding beetles and tree-ash into a primitive pigment for a living".






"I'm sorry, do you want to lose? I throw, you catch, it's not that hard."


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