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Which Split?


Asking for opinions here, I recently started following doggcrapp to the word of what dante has said, only straying on the diet aspect. Eating low fat still.
I was wondering if my lifts might allow me to use his advanced split , but my inclination is no. I have a 495 squat, 585 deadlift, and a 335 bench.

Could I theoretically do his 3 day body part split as opposed to his 2 day? I dislike training legs after bis forearms and calves, I have trouble keeping up the intensity. Please help!


yes, you cna


Try it and find out.


I'd say your numbers are certainly good enough to give any 'advanced' routine a try.


Yeah you could try 3 way.

Personally dont see anything wrong with doing legs first then bis either -as long as youre beating the log book for the main compound leg move everything else is gravy


Agreed. Your lifts are definitely decent, pretty much regardless of how big you are, especially deadlift. So yeah, you're probably fine to do whatever split or program you like just based on your strength. You don't get lifts like that without developing a decent base first, and IMO that's what gives you the capacity to do any split you like.


Have you ran the 2 way yet?

It's not a matter of specific numbers it's simply a matter of what you can still progress and recover on. The 2 way split is in dantes opinion the fastest way to gain muscle, the 3 way is used for people who have a large amount of muscle but need more direct work to lagging body parts.

So be real with yourself are you at a stage where you NEED to use the 3 way??


Never turn a 3-way down, even if you're a total newb.