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Which Split Between These Two?


Hey all,I have been exprementing with two splits i am not sure which one to pick,they both work good for me and i enjoy both. My goal is size/hyperthrophy.

First split is:
day 1:Chest
day 2:Back
day 3:Delts
day 4:Legs
day 5:Biceps/Traps
day 6:Triceps
day 7:rest or cardio

one muscle group each day except for biceps/traps day which is two. I do one just for triceps since it's a laggning part atm and i have problems recruiting the long head well.
I do 20 sets for each muscle group.4 exercises for each muscle group,except for traps were i only do shrugs for 8-12 sets.

The 2nd approach is this:
Day 1:Chest/Traps. 12 sets for chest, 9 for traps
Day 2:Back/Triceps(long head movements).12 sets for back,9 for triceps
Day 3:Legs.20 sets for legs
Day 4:Delts/Biceps.12-16 sets for delts ,9 for biceps
Day 5:Back/triceps. look at day 2
Day 6:Chest/Traps.look at day 1
Day 7:rest or cardio

Thx in advance


my suggestion - something more like:


Take off days as needed.

can also do:

You get to hit the muscles more frequently this way which will allow for more growth. I also wouldn't be too concerned with how many sets you are doing per body part. Have a rough idea of how your body responds depending on which muscle you are working, and go from there. Don't stop a workout because you have already done 9 sets for that group, or continue lifting because you need to do 3 more sets. You should be more instinctual here.


that does really look like alot of volume to me 18 sets for traps a week


What are you doing now?
How much progression have you made?
What rep range do you intend to use? How to you decide when to increase the load?


Right now i am trying the 2nd option. On both progression has been good since i can go heavier every week.I keep a log.
The rep ranges i use are these.
I do like a pyramid for every exercise
first set 12-14,
2nd set 9-11
3rd set 6-8
The next week i progress by taking what i did for 6-8 reps the previous week and trying to do it for 9-11 reps while doing a heavier weight for 6-8 reps.