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Which Sled to Get...

My shoulder is somewhat messed up at the moment and I am trying to figure out training options. I figure a sled is a good option, which I was planning to get anyway, so now is as good as time as any.

I just almost ordered the elitefts.com one on a whim, but figure it will take a week or more to get here so I should be more discerning.

I also considered a tire, but opted out of it.

I was wondering if anybody has purchased any of the following and has any input. Here are the 3 I found.

Elite Fitness: http://www.flexcart.com/members/elitefts/default.asp?m=PD&cid=120&pid=570

$305 after shipping w/ straps but no harness. Most expensive but I like the flat bottom and it has a 10" pole which would come in handy w/ bumper plates which it was I have in my garage gym.


Econo prower. $269 pre shipping. Strap attachments w/o straps, still pretty expensive, but could be used for dragging exercises and pulling/pushing.

Westside Barbell:

$150 after shipping w/ two straps. Flat bottom but I don’t know dimensions or pole size.

Muscle Driver Sleds:

$70/$100 pre shipping w/ harness. The one has handles, but it has two runners, not the flat bottom. This place has the cheapest kettlebells ive seen too (edit: and sandbags).

…I’m thinking either the econoprowler or muscle driver sled w/ the low handles for pushing. I’m not a rich man and that muscle driver for $100 w/ strap and a harness seems like the best option.

Any opinions or suggestions? Other suggestions worth considering? Has anybody used the muscledriver sled and can give a review?


my friends gym has what look to be the muscle drive sleds with the handles. there gym has a weird carpet flooring but these work well. eventually i want to get something too, and this seems like one of the better options.

i dont know how it would hold up/move on pavement tho, or even in the grass…

Elite’s sled is on sale for $190 inbluding shipping right now, comes with a nylon strap.


Get a sled from Spud, my buddy builds all his equipment and it is top notch and very reasonably priced.


My gym’s sleds have runners and we always drag them on the pavement. We also have a tendency to destroy equipment.

The only time I’ve dragged a flat sled was up and down concrete hills. I can’t say if one or the other handles better because that workout really sucked. But, everything Spud sells is awesome. crosses fingers hoping he’ll see this and send me a harness for saying such nice things

Having both a sled and an econoprowler, I say the econoprowler. My sled gather rust now because I never use it anymore. It will do everything the sled does and more. go to a farm supply store and buy a tow strap and some links and you will be good to go as far as a strap goes.

[quote] Matt wrote:
Get a sled from Spud, my buddy builds all his equipment and it is top notch and very reasonably priced.


Spud’s stuff is great. Borderline indestructible.

Thanks for the input.

Its hard to not get the muscle driver one for cheap w/ push handles and a harness, not just straps, so apologies to the friends of spud, but I’m getting the muscle driver.

$30 at a welding shop or free if you have some scrap iron and a welder. Sorry for the piss poor quality.

I’m hoping to get the Prowler for my birthday. Elite has it for $245 right now.