Which Singlet has the most "Pop" for Raw Lifting?

1st and foremost, I want to say that I realize the irony of this title. It’s supposed to be RAW lifting so raw lifters shouldn’t have to worry about which suit has the most “pop”.
However, I’m planning to enter my 1st USAPL/IPF meet next January and I plan to be as competitive as possible. At my last meet, a woman told me that the reason she was wearing a titan singlet was because it gives her a slight boost (maybe 5lbs?). IMO, I view it in the same light as I do SBD knee sleeves: it’s ridiculous, but I’m gonna need it to be competitive since everyone else is using it.

So what singlet brand do you guys think is most advantageous for raw lifting? Inzer, SBD, Titan, or some other brand? Please let me know. Thanks!

P.S. All these singlets are approved by the IPF so they’re 100% legal (even though I think they, along with SBD sleeves, should be banned).

I think you might be going about this the wrong way. If you really want to play the singlet game to win, you’re going to want different singlets on different lifts.

For the bench, you’d want a SUPER loose singlet. This makes it so that you can get your butt slightly off the bench while creating the appearance that you’re still making contact, because the singlet will drape down. Meanwhile, on the squat, you want as tight a singlet as you can manage. This prevents material from bunching up around your hip crease, which will mean you won’t have to squat any deeper than you need to. I think this is going to get your more pounds on your total than any degree of pop you can get from a singlet.


The Titan Triumph. It’s the most supportive singlet legal for IPF.

Honestly, I’ve never seen anyone wear a singlet so loose that it drapes in the bench.


Yeah, it’s a pretty dumb idea. It’s much better to just be strong enough that you don’t need to worry about silly tricks and gimmicks.

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Don’t worry I’m not gonna buy different singlets to hide my depth or make it look like my butt isn’t off the bench lol

Its not worth it in my opinion. Youll lose more than 5 lbs on Just having an off day. Youd get better results if you told a friend to fill in your next lift and he just ups it 5 lbs with out telling you


No singlet is going to give you a boost.

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Honestly I’ve heard this discussed at meets before. People wearing a singlet a size(or two) smaller for more support during squats. Not sure if it actually helps or just causes more moose knuckle.

For what it’s worth I have both a Titan and inzer singlet. The fabric on the Titan is thicker and stretchier. The inzer is thinner and but not as stretchy.

Be careful that whichever singlet you get doesn’t have a second layer in the crotch. I believe some of the newer Titan and Inzer ones do this. Here in Australia GPC started cracking down on that, as it is deemed ‘supportive equipment’ with the second layer. If you’re caught wearing one in the raw division, you get disqualified. I can only imagine that if GPC is cracking down IPF and it’s affiliates will be too.

@T3hPwnisher I know several people that do this and a few are women due to their extreme arch it looks like their ass isn’t in contact with the bench, when it is so the loose singlet helps a smidge.

Though i’ve been judging meets before and red lighted people for wearing a super loose singlet. Fpr example the SPF has this rule “Wrestling singlets may not be excessively large, allowing a bunching of material under the lifters posterior during the lift.”

As always, if you get 3 white lights you weren’t cheating hard enough :wink:

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That is interesting that you have red lighted people on the platform for wearing too loose of a singlet. I’ve never seen or heard of that.

The Triumph comes with a single or double layer crotch. IPF allows the double layer; can’t speak for GPC as I’m not familiar with that federation.

@kpsnap It’s because they should of been in a Medium and were in an XL or XXL, it was super noticeable. Their squat singlet fit, but suddenly on bench it was much too large, lol

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I believe a lifter who is not even in the elite category yet should not be concerning himself with such things as this. Just my opinion.

Also, I heard you left Metroflex because of that argument you had with Benny. That’s a shame. That’s a great facility to train at. I wouldn’t let such a petty thing affect my training, but you gotta do what you gotta do…

I agree with the others. A singlet is worn to give judges a better view(see hip joint knee ect) cover the lifter and ensure nothing is hiding as they are super tight. It will not add strength. Not any more than wearing a super tight fruit of the loom t-shirt would add weight to your bench LMAO. A good belt and wraps if fed allows it. Other than that your lifting raw and depend on your body.

Honestly I wasn’t even mad. I was just having a calm discussion with him and he suddenly popped off at me. I left when the gym owner sided with Benny and started attacking me as well for no reason. My university gym is well equipped and will suffice until I graduate

That’s fair enough. And I hope you end up with just as many skins on the wall as Chris and Benny have, if not more. I don’t know Benny very well, but Chris is a hell of a dude, I’m surprised you would take offense to what he said. I know at the end of the day he just wants to see the guys at his gym get stronger.

Anyway, best of luck.