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Which Side is Weaker & How Do I Fix It?

I tried benchig again after not doing it for a while and for some reason, instead of holding the barr symmetrically, I’m more comfortable holding it with my right arm closer to my body and my left arm farther away. That means one side is weaker right? Which one? What do I do about it?

How long have you taken off from working out and how long were you lifting before you took the break? Any injuries that we need to know about?

I lifted for about three years until I hurt my left shoulder benching. After that I’ve kind of kept up with it on and off, but with VERY light weight. This was the first time (about a year later) that I try lifting heavy again. My shoulder still pops every time I lower the weight… You think it’s that shoulder acting up? It doesn’t hurt…

Well, popping out every time you lower the weight doesn’t sound good and not hurting now, doesn’t mean it won’t hurt later.
I had shoulder problems from years of benching and my Dr. had me do physical therapy vs. surgery and that fixed everything. But, have your Dr. look into it to make sure you’re not doing more harm than good.

Read some of the healthy shoulder articles here. I would advise you try one of the programs aimed at stabilizing and strengthening your shoulders. I would avoid bench pressing heavy until you do that.