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Which Should I Go With?


Hey all, I posted this question on the HOT-ROX thread but since I'm post number 400 something, I figured the thread has died down. Anyways, I'm getting back into weights/cardio and am looking to get some good supplements that will aide in my fat loss. I am thinking of going with the HOT-ROX or with the Spike and Carbolin 19. Which do you folks suggest?

To explain my body, I'm vey happy with my shoulders/chest area as well as my lower body. What I'm disappointed in and what has taken a beating over the time I've taken off from the weights has been my gut. I'm 6'0 and around 275 with a bf of 29%. In my prime and when my body was "peaked" I was 6'0 and 240 with the hour glass type of look. The thing is, I'm lifting more then what I was then, but I'm sure that is due to my body maturing.

Anyways, I'd appreciate any advice you guys can hand out.


Go with HOT-ROX for your goals of FAT LOSS. If you need a pick me up for the GYM use Spike On Gym days and HOT-ROX on non gym days. The Gym work and greater intensity the Spike brings will boost the K/cal burning and muscle building on its own. The HOT-ROX for off days/cardio.

IMO anyway


I dont mean to nitpick, but isnt the 'hourglass' look meant to be for girls?

Anyway... For fat loss, most suggest HOT-ROX, as Carbolin 19 is more for body composition change.

Also, since youre just getting back into working out, keep in mind that diet is the most important thing.

Good luck.


At a bodyfat % of 29 you might want to think about getting your diet and cardio in check before you start using stims.


Thanks for the replies.

As far as the "hour glass look" goes, I used to think that as well, but when I got into college and got into heavy lifting with other players on my team, who obviously had a body building past, they used this term all the time so I guess it kind of stuck.

Anyways, I just found this site the other day and have been reading up on it quite a bit. I just read a story of a guy who lost a shitload of weight from the help of guys on here. Obvioiusly one has to bust their ass, but I'm looking forward to the challenge.

I think I may go with the HOT-ROX on days where I do cardio and Spike for days I hit the gym.

One last question, is there a place on here that goes through and outlines a diet? About the only diet I have ever been on was a diet to add weight when I went from linebacker to d-end..obviously, now I want to reverse that. Thanks again!


"X-Frame" is probably more manly...


The T-Dawg 2.0 diet would probably be ideal. It will get you in the habit of tracking your caloric intake and and good eating habits. I find that I don't have to change much when I shift from T-Dawg to a bulk, just slightly decrease protein and increase carbs, so it's a good base diet to start from.

Make sure not to combine HOT-ROX with Spike. You won't like the effects. Same with Carbolin 19 and Spike.


When you say combine...are you meaning not to take them on the same day or do you mean to not even take them on alternate days?

Sorry for my ignorance on this stuff, I used to just take phosphagen and creatine back in the day so I'm leaning a new style.


I would seriously wait to use the HOT-ROX until you get your training and nutrition under control.

Let your body adjust naturally for a few months of eating healthy meals and doing the workouts. Once you hit a plateau, add the HOT-ROX to the mix.

I seriously doubt you'll get much out of HOT-ROX unless you already eat and train almost perfectly. It can't make up for a bad diet (but it can help). If you're not eating clean 90% of the time and eating 5-6 small meals per day with protein in each meal along with fruits and veggies (skip all the other carbs), then you won't get as much with supplements.

As for a diet plan, you just need to eat 5-6 meals consisting of lean protein sources with every meal and combining each meal with vegetables and fruit. No bread, no pasta, no rice, no junk food, etc. Also, add some healthy fats to the diet (natural peanut butter, raw nuts, olive oil, fish oil, etc.)

You can eat all the fruits and veggies you want and still get lean and healthy. When combining protein and healthy fats to your meals, you'll make even better progress and hang onto the muscle while blasting the fat away (along with a good training program).

If you're at 29% bodyfat, you seriously need to get that under control before deciding to bulk up and add muscle. I'm sorry to say, but you're fat. Eat clean. Don't cheat. Work your ass off and put the work in and then use supplements to help make the process faster.


Read everything under the "authors" section, read all of Berardi's articles, and come back and ask if you have any questions. If you want to take it another step, buy his precision nutrition program which is great for the people who are more serious about either thier body, health, or athletics.