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Which Schedule Would You Choose?

Hi forum. In a bit of a quandry about which way to lay out this push/legs/pull:



Push (+20 mins cardio pre or post)
Legs (+20 mins cardio pre or post)
Pull (+20 mins cardio pre or post)

The first option will allow more focus on the weights days and probably more intensity on the cardio days, but will only be hitting each muscle group once a week, which I’m not sure is really going to be enough.

The second option has more frequency (twice a week each), but I’m a bit worried about the impact that doing 20 mins treadmill/bike/rower/X-trainer before or after the weights might have.

Any opinions? If it’s relevant, I’m on a cut at the moment.

Option 2 with cardio post workout. Lift with high volume. Don’t go balls out on the cardio. Just keep a moderate pace with an incline or resistance.

^^What he said. You stated that you were on a cut so just be mindful that if you’re in a pretty big caloric deficit you might not be able to keep up that frequency without getting to burnt out. Definitely cardio after your weights (unless you can split up your sessions each day)