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Which SARMS Don't Affect HPTA?

So I’ve just come off a long blast and cruise. I haven’t gotten off in about a year. Everything’s going well, I got an endocrinologist watching my bloods etc. using 6000 iu HCG weekly and 25mg Clomid ED for 6 weeks. I was originally on 50 mg clomid but doc told me to lower it.

I’m in a good mood, my dick works for the most part, I can’t fuck 3 times a day like I used to.

I want to take some SARMS to retain my size.
I have experience with S4, RAD-140, and yk11. They all work great on me. However, I don’t know if I can take them and still recover my HPTA (Natural Testosterone production). I know LGD SARM hurts your HPTA.

Do any of the SARMS i mentioned affect my natural axis? Can I take them to retain some size?

for about 2-3 weeks my dick has stopped working alltogether. I have no sex drive, which is actaully sort of nice. I can focus on work and I am not anxiious all the time about when the next time I’m going to get laid. It’s fucking relaxing.

still, I’d like my balls to work again, I’m noticing growth and I’ve gotten a couple morning erections.

today is the first day I’m taking a day off from the clomid to give my blood pressure a break.

Going to doc today to get blood work done.

Cardarine and MK677

Neither one of those are SARM’s. Ones an oral Gherlin Mimick, the other is a gene modulator. The truth is every single SARM is going to effect HPTA to an extent.

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Though technically neither of these are SARMS, they are a good choice IMO for the stated purpose…precisely because they are not SARMS.

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Sure, just said as they are lumped in with SARMS to the lay person and get good feedback

I get you. I feel like someone needs to create a new label for this class of ‘supplements’. They are not AAS, they are not peptides and they are not SARMS.

New tech PEDS?

Any ideas?