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Which Rotator Cuff Muscle?

Which is the rotator cuff muscle associated with Throwing a football and Jumpshots(basketball)? These activities cause the most pain in my shoulder for the following days and are really affecting my workouts. I try to avoid overhead pressing and such to prevent further damage.

Ive tried many of the exercises outlined in various articles including Cressey’s shoulder savers and others but i havent had long term success with it. Definatly helps to prevent pain when i do it pre workout but cant seem to improve to the point where its no longer an issue. Advice?

try this excercise :

get weights that you can hold overhead aaannnndddd
walk in a figure of 8.
make it fairly big will force your rotator cuff muscles to fire to keep you in line
Hope it helps :slight_smile:

I think the supraspinatus mainly.

The subscapularis. Stretch it out because you can’t ice or massage it, it’s underneath your shoulder blade. I would also recommend not benching and stretching your chest.

Are you sure it’s the cuff? You may have another condition (like bursitis) which may be due to your bicep tendon “raking” across the shoulder joint, or similar.

I’m presently dealing with this as well. Bummer.