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Which Resistance Bands?


I am looking to buy a/some resistance band(s), mostly for glute work to be honest, but I am not sure which “strength” to buy with the options for resistance being as follows; 11-36kg; 23-54kg; 27-68kg; 32-79kg.

The idea is to put it around my knees and do crab walks etc. and also to around my knees when I do my warm-up squats to activate the glutes more. I will expand range of exercises more in the weeks to come as I read more on them. My gym is in Africa and very low tech with very little equipment hence why I am looking to buy them.

I really am at a loss about which to buy though.

Any help would be appreciated


For what you want it sounds like Mark Bell’s Hip Circle would work well rather than bands.


Thanks for the heads up - I’ve just googled it. I may get both though as bands offer more flexibility in the future and I can’t buy stuff where I am so will take advantage of going home for a few weeks. In which case, the same question stands… which band should I get?


In that case get a pair of lights and a pair of mediums. They’ll do for pretty much anything you want to do.